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Tuesday December 22 2020

In recent years, the business world has undergone countless transformations. The advent of modern technology has changed many mainstream companies’ processes. Here at DDC Outsourcing Solutions (DDC OS), we are continuously looking to support our clients through innovation.

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Wednesday November 18 2020

Sleigh bells may not be ringing just yet, but as a business leader, you should be looking ahead to the holiday season. Before you know it, the most magical time of year will be upon us. So, have you made sure that your company is prepared for this period?

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Monday October 5 2020

Customer services matter. 96% of consumers say that this is an important factor when choosing whether to be loyal to a brand, according to a survey from Microsoft. Ensuring that you offer your customer base what they expect is a must. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need a customer services team. Believe it or […]

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Wednesday July 22 2020

Moneyball gave us one of the most popular business/sports theories we have seen in recent times, not to mention a fantastic movie. To steal a line from the film, “you’re not even looking at the problem.” It is something that many a customer has disgruntledly muttered down the phone. In some cases, they aren’t wrong. Customer […]

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