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The Costs

It’s an expensive time for energy suppliers. Fuel costs aside, a highly competitive marketplace has forced companies to focus on other ways of differentiating themselves, requiring investment in other areas of the business. The customer experience is high on the agenda, leading to higher training costs, more technology and more systems. Behind that, you have the people to manage those elements; well-trained people seen as industry experts, which naturally come at a cost.

A great customer experience requires a great customer service team; all of who require wages, employee benefits, a manager and a place to work! An investment in HR is the next natural step and the list keeps on going…

Having paid to get the right tools, the right people and the and the right resource, do you still have the ability to manage the core business effectively?

The Solution

In the face of all of this required investment, it’s no wonder we have seen a rise in suppliers working with outsourcing companies. Many of our clients have come to us for help with the above. Here at DDC OS we help manage the overheads, we provide…

  • the teams
  • the training
  • the processes
  • the management
  • the technology

…and importantly the industry expertise to deliver it all with quality.

When your chosen outsourcer is seen as an extension of your team and is brought in at a strategic level, you will reap the benefits of a unified team. If outsourcing is seen as a cost and a must have, a disjointed partnership will be the result and therefore, the outcomes will be less than desirable.

The Added Value

Expertise in such a specialist industry is essential, and with over 5 years of industry experience, we have experienced all the highs and lows a supplier can pass through. As a result, we have planned processes, trained teams, and industry experts prepared to deliver on a range of projects. This allows energy suppliers to focus on innovation and differentiation, freeing up valuable management time.

So, ahead of the new year, ask yourself, can you afford not to outsource?

If not, get in touch today.


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