The ‘Thought Provocation’ series curated by DDC OS

These stimulating events have been designed with a singular goal in mind: to create deeper connections between the worlds of academia, science and the CX industry.

Our commitment is to better understand the science behind the technological advances, that powers the great people in the industry, and to foster thought-provoking discussions among customer experience leaders. Through these sessions, we aim to bring to light the transformative potential that this potent combination can bring to the CX industry.

Our guest speakers play a pivotal role in lifting the veil on some of the innovations and advancements that shape the contact centre industry. Together, we aspire to elevate the standards of customer experience, one thought-provoking discussion at a time.


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Exploring the world of conversation analytics with Elizabeth Stokoe.

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Get Out Of Wrap – The Contact Centre Community

Martin Teasdale hosts the 1st podcast dedicated to the world of Contact Centres. Running since 2019, the podcast involves interviews from people across the industry. Martin supports DDC Discusses with post event interviews and provides insight throughout.