Case Studies

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Success Stories

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Distribution – Parcel Locker Service Provider

Customer Support solution for a fast-growing parcel locker service provider.

Market Research – Information & Consultancy Group

Data capture for a world-leading information and consultancy group

Utilities – Energy Sector

Customer Support solution for an energy provider

Finance – Financial Services

Data capture for a financial service provider

Public Relations – PR & Media

Multilingual research and customer support for a PR and media software company

Retail – Headwear/Apparel

Multilingual customer lifecycle solutions for a global headwear and apparel manufacturer

Retail – Online Optician

Multilingual customer service solutions for Europe’s leading omnichannel optician.

Utilities – Localised Energy Supplier

Customer Support solutions for a localised energy supplier

Utilities – Water Supplier

Providing payment processing & digital mailroom support for a large water supplier

Retail – Photo Products

Customer Experience & back office for a well-renowned photo product retailer

Utilities – Non-profit

Customer service support for a rapidly growing non-profit energy provider

Utilities – SAS

Expanding the offering of a SAS provider in the utilities industry

Energy Switching

Multichannel CX support for an energy-switching service


Multilingual customer support for a global fashion brand


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