Accelerating customer value across the Automotive Industry.

DDC OS provide a powerful combination of data, automation, service and support solutions designed specifically for the automotive industry, that help to;

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Delivering Transformative Outsourcing Solutions to the Automotive Industry

As a leading provider of automotive outsourcing solutions, we have the experience and expertise to help your businesses succeed. From Customer Experience to Business Processes, we have a solution that can fit your needs.

Here’s how our outsourced services may help your business. Can’t see what you’re looking for? Not to worry, the automotive industry is expansive to say the least, our services can be tailored to suit your requirements:

Automotive Solutions

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Transformative Industry Solutions
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Data Insights

We delve deep into reporting and analysis, providing vital data to various internal departments, unlocking actionable insights from complex data landscapes. Our expertise in analysis, report development, data investigation and database enhancement ensure comprehensive and accurate insights, propelling our clients toward informed decisions and improved customer value.

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Data Content Creation

Our multilingual data experts create accurate and compliant product content that is required to display products online. This is done across several international markets and languages, covering product descriptions, measurements, nutritional information and much more.

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Data Management

We efficiently manage and refine customer data within our client's systems, specialising in processing and cleansing customer data to ensure accurate records throughout their journey—pre-sales, in-sale, and aftercare. Collaborating closely with our partners, we address queries regarding customer data, enhancing the customer experience from start to finish. Our comprehensive approach optimises the accuracy of their customer & vehicle records, resulting in a seamless customer journey.

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Customer Communications

Building a holistic view of customer journeys and brand performance is essential for success in the competitive automotive industry. Our role extends beyond data management; we transform raw data into powerful insights. By mapping customer experiences from lead generation to vehicle ownership, we empower the client to effectively target marketing efforts. As the industry evolves towards a direct selling model, our insights will become pivotal in crafting personalised services that resonate throughout the ownership cycle.

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Consumer Finance Processing

As payment options multiply, customers have more choices than ever before to get the products they love. We support payment systems and financial service providers in communicating with retailers and consumers, as well as supporting back-office processes.

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Customer Support

Our award-winning customer service teams are supporting international retailers across various markets. Our global service centres ensure their customers receive a tailored and relevant experience. We are where your customers are, covering multiple channels from email, instant messaging, voice and beyond.

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Fulfilment & Aftercare

We understand the importance of delivering of customer loyalty. Our robust fulfilment and aftercare services ensure that your customers receive excellent service throughout their customer journey. From after-sale support, loyalty programmes, recalls and service appointments, our teams are on hand to deliver a range of solutions to support your fulfilment and aftercare needs.

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