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With extensive experience in the utilities industry that includes supporting established providers, challenger brands, start-ups and SoLR processes, we have the knowledge to deliver excellent service for your customers whilst developing operational efficiencies.

Adapting to the ever-changing utilities landscape is a challenge for any business. With endless regulations to consider, evolving customer expectations, and innovations in digital transformation, utility brands are under more pressure than ever before.

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Outsourcing solutions for utilities companies

As a leading provider of utilities outsourcing solutions, we have the experience and expertise to help your businesses succeed. From customer experience to BPO, we have a solution that can fit your needs.


Across the utilities sector, we have helped businesses to:

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Transformative Industry Solutions
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Across multiple channels, for many leading suppliers, we take care of those all-important first steps. Pricing and quoting, whilst explaining tariffs simply and effectively from inbound inquiries, we can also handle proactive outbound sales calls. We also provide welcome to the supplier information ahead of onboarding...

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As experts in the industry, we set up customers effectively to ensure a smooth first bill run. This not only improves billing accuracy but is also a key driver in reducing demand and future customer contact. We also handle account setups, including payments and self-serve accounts. In the background, we work on exception and objection handling, as well as switching exceptions and rejections.

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Across the utilities sector, we are managing settlements; from obtaining and processing meter reads, the process is handled from start to finish. Ensuring everything runs smoothly in the back office helps to create a simple customer experience.

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A fundamental element of any supply business, we are experts in this area. From managing payment methods & handling affordability assessments to extensive billing, ensuring our clients are paid quickly and effectively. Billing support is extensive; from solving failed bills, back billing, dirty bills, final bills and beyond, we really understand its value to suppliers.

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We build effective debt management and collections strategies for our clients that support the recovery of millions of pounds in revenue. From creating payment plans to reviewing balances and occupier investigations, our debt management support is extensive. We also make or take collections calls to support the process further.

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Our comprehensive coverage for in-life customer management is industry-leading. We’ve got suppliers covered from; account health, movers, metering, industry contact, government scheme queries, and so much more.

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An effective complaints process is key to driving customer satisfaction. We work with suppliers to record them and find a resolution through our case management service, before reporting comprehensively against each, for both internal use and regulatory reports.

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Our service scope covers the full lifecycle, right through to retentions, a key aspect for successful suppliers. We support our clients in renewals and retentions through proactive outbound contact.

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Extensive experience

With the experience of working with many businesses at different stages of their development, we have a unique insight into the challenges that an outsourcer can support with at various points of the customer journey.


We Deliver A

Customer-centric approach

We understand that every interaction is different, so we tailor our approach for you and your customer accordingly – reducing costs without sacrificing quality. With a delivery based on empathy and empowerment, we become an extension of your brand.

Business Support

Driving CX & operational efficiencies

Our range of scope makes us the perfect partner for utilities growth. By being able to not only support customers through our contact centre but manage their accounts and ensure that behind the scenes are operating effectively, our multi-skilled team can deliver better value. One team, one experience.


Success Stories

Case studies

Utilities – Water Supplier

Providing payment processing & digital mailroom support for a large water supplier

Utilities – Non-profit

Customer service support for a rapidly growing non-profit energy provider

Utilities – Localised Energy Supplier

Customer Support solutions for a localised energy supplier

Utilities – Energy Sector

Customer Support solution for an energy provider

Energy Switching

Multichannel CX support for an energy-switching service

Utilities – Industry Operations

Business Support solutions for a carbon-neutral energy supplier

Multi-service Utility Provider

Providing solutions for a fast growing utilities provider

Utilities – SaaS

Expanding the offering of a SaaS provider in the utilities industry


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