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Gone are the day`s where bad customer service was only noticeable when we were directly involved. In the internet age, sites such as Trip Advisor and Trustpilot have completely transformed the way we purchase products and services. Few of us now make a purchase off the cuff without checking over the reviews. Amazon, for instance, has made customer service key for sellers on the site, our reviews inform other customers. Poorly rated sellers do not last.

How then do we place a focus on getting those 5-star customer reviews? Here at DDC OS, we have worked with clients to do exactly that. Naturally, great customer service processes backed by a well-trained and passionate team are the key factor but it`s much more than that.

Utilise the Platform

Customers love a service that suits their requirements and desires. When it does or doesn`t customers tend to share their feelings. It is less common to see people review things when they are OK, it’s usually dreadful or fantastic. What that does though, is provide you with a view of what customers want and maybe, more importantly, don`t want.

Utilise this information, use that feedback to develop your customer service processes, to focus improvements on those problem areas.

Engage the Customer

Respond to your customers both negative and positive. Thank them for their praise or help solve their issues and if not promise to do better next time. That way when potential customers are viewing your product, they’ll see that you engage with your customers and when problems do arise you attempt to help them.

Take this a step further. When you engage with your customers ask them to provide feedback. Make it as simple as possible for them to do so. Sending direct links to Trustpilot (or similar platform), via email and now more commonly by SMS.

If you`d like to deliver 5-star customer services, get in touch today and let DDC OS help you get there.


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