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Written by, Niall Rogers, Business Development Manager at DDC OS. 

Operating in what I refer to as a hybrid role, in one moment I can be looking at our marketing strategy, in the next, presenting a proposal for customer services to a prospective client. Whilst I always suspected there would be synergy in the two roles, I couldn’t anticipate how much it would impact my general attitude towards customer services.

When looking at our digital marketing, we always ask ourselves how we can improve our customers` experience of engaging with our brand. How easy is it for them to contact us? Is the information they would likely want readily available? Two questions that are just as commonly asked when mapping out a customer service journey.

Like most job roles these days, mine involves a range of deadlines and good internet access is key. So, it’s unsurprising should I experience a bad connection at home I find myself annoyed. What is my initial action? I check my app, which thankfully my provider has. If the answer isn’t there, I may check social media channels to see if there is a service update. If not, naturally I look for a way to contact customer services.

As an organisation that provides customer services across a vast range of industries, we see first-hand many approaches to the user experience. It generally depends on the companies preferred method; do they want to encourage contact? Or do they want to build a self-service style world for their customers? Neither is right or wrong, as long as it has the customers satisfaction at heart.

How can marketing practices help?

  • Build content that is relevant and accessible to your customers. Don`t just try to foresee what they may want; use the information you have to see what they currently want.
  • Utilise multiple channels that match your brand voice; social media, live chat, phone and email.
  • Optimise your website for mobile. Most of your customers will be accessing your information on the move to make it as easy for them as possible.
  • Set expectations clearly. Marketing is a fantastic tool for letting the world know what you can do. But, don’t be afraid to say what you can’t. e.g. “Hey, you have opted to contact us via email, whilst we aim to be as awesome as possible, our response times aren’t quite what we’d like them to be. If you’re happy to wait a few days then please proceed, otherwise, why not head over to our live chat feature and speak to someone now.”

The list goes on, but another great marketing tip is not to give away all of the information in one go! If you’d like to learn more then feel free to get in touch, here at DDC OS we are driven to provide a better customer service experience for everyone, let us help you.


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