In 2019, we visited the topic of customer service expectations and what the future would look like within this space. As was the case then, consumer behaviour is still variable and hard to predict, but there are certain trends that brands should be aware of to ensure their customer service is of a fantastic standard.  

Customer expectations for what defines a good experience stay fairly consistent over time, but the approach to providing that experience changes. As was the case 3 years ago, technology, timing and trust are still hugely prevalent in today’s customer service landscape.  

So here we are in 2022, 3 years later. What are the top 3 takeaways this time?  

Customers want to be served quickly and completely, the first time. The interaction they have with the person on the other end of the phone makes or breaks their level of satisfaction. The agent needs to be professional, easy to communicate with and – most importantly – knowledgeable so they can solve the problem. 

Customer expectations are influenced by technology. Today, 58% of customers interact with digital channels, and 50% of all transactions start digitally. Customers expect to have multiple channels to contact you through, from Facebook Messenger to a chatbot. Making sure the appropriate channels are available to your customers will help to reduce frustrations and encourage an efficient service. 

Consumers are okay with proactive outreach if they have some control. Customers are happy to be approached with discounts, reminders and memberships if it is to their preferred contact point. Some of these can be useful and encourage return custom, as long as the customer doesn’t feel bombarded. 

Considering customer behaviour and needs can be tricky and time consuming for any business; one way of relieving this stress is to partner with an outsourcer. An outsourcer comes with decades of knowledge and expertise that can be used to shape your decision making.  

Sound good? Why not get in touch today to see how DDC can help you achieve exceptional customer service. 


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