The Future of Customer Service Expectations

The world is an ever-evolving place, as is the customer service environment. Consumer behaviour is different and in turn, so are customer service expectations.

So, for the customer service providers out there, what next?

“The trend toward using more channels and fewer traditional methods to contact customer service is set to continue as comfort with chatbots grows.” eMarketer article.

Research suggests that the most used channel was still the phone but there was a steep increase in live chats and messaging applications such as WhatsApp. This increase looks unlikely to stop as the younger generation of customers have technology so engrained in their day to day lives.

Why would they wait in a queue on the phone, when they can speak to a chatbot instantly, or browse Facebook whilst their issue is resolved in the messenger feature? They have less patience, and in their defence why should they wait? Organisations have made purchasing easier and quicker and more accessible than ever before, so why wouldn`t the customer services move in line with that?

So as a customer service provider how can you handle, more channels and more channels, and a diversifying customer?

One option, and our preferred option(!), would be to utilise a customer service outsourcer. They are often at the front line of customer services across a range of industries. That gives them a unique view of not only your industry but customer services as a whole, enabling them to predict changes ahead of most individual industries.

Further, from a technology perspective, in order to stay relevant and add value to clients they are constantly looking at new technologies and software that can improve the customer experience. Therefore, they are covering the cost of researching and implementing this, so you don`t have to.

As the world of customer service becomes less conventional, should your approach be less traditional? Partner with DDC OS today and discover the world of exceptional customer services.