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Inhouse Customer Services VS Outsourcing

Many have faced the same question, should we place our customer services inhouse, or outsource? Weighing up the pro’s and con’s, looking at the current set up and taking advice from experts, but what is the right decision?
As an outsourcer of excellent customer services, we might be forgiven for being slightly biased here, but none the less, here is our take, starting with the inhouse option.

Inhouse Customer Services

The importance of brand image has at no point in time been as important as it is now. Therefore, it is expected that organisations are protective of it, and sometimes concerned about outsourcing such a front-line element of the brand, its voice through customer service. Keeping both hands on that wheel can be appealing. That control also enables you to hear first-hand your customers feedback, to quickly action and escalate issues.
How about the key reason not to keep it inhouse? Quite simply cost! Purchasing the equipment, the software, recruitment, salaries, incentives, rents, management, investment in expertise and the list goes on. Now, that’s not to say outsourcing is free, of course not, but why is it worth the investment?

Outsourced Customer Services

While on the topic of costs, it makes sense to recognise that a key reason to outsource would be to enjoy how cost-effective it can be. Outsourcers generally can offer a range of locations, onshore, nearshore and offshore, therefore, offering you a variety of cost models to suit your budget. It provides one transparent fee that covers the complex world of having a customer service team and all the associated costs.

The importance of your relationship with your customers can’t be overestimated, so there is no time to waste. Outsourcers are highly experienced in a range of industries and working with them enables you to benefit from their extensive knowledge and experience. Moreover, that all-important time can be spent looking at other core business functions, seeking continuous improvements to keep your customers happy.

The list goes on, but one final pro for outsourcing contact centres… recruitment! The task is not to be underestimated, nor are the associated costs. Contact Centres, no matter how successful experience higher levels of staff turnover than many industries. Investing in the current teams to increase longevity, focussing on internal progression and, implementing new people into the team is a full-time job on its own. Why take on the additional headaches, when an outsourcer can do it for you?

In the interest of fairness, let’s consider a negative of outsourcing. Communication is key, and this goes beyond regular meetings. The most successful outsourced projects are those that work as a partnership, where each parties input is valued, and collectively, they work together for excellent customer services. That requires exceptional communication. If you choose to outsource to a provider-based thousands of miles away, you may find cultural and language differences. However, providers like us here at DDC OS, offer in-country account management to support your campaigns and help develop outstanding partnerships.

But, don’t just take our word for it, here is a snippet from Invensis; Outsourcing of call centres is a trend that is catching on fast, and the business world has acknowledged that companies that outsource are often much healthier in terms of profit and brand establishment. Additional reasons to outsource include achieving flexibility, capability to run global business operations, entering into new markets, acquiring additional skills that the business does not possess, multilingual proficiency, and more.

Still not quite sure? Or ready to start your outsourced journey now? Then get in touch today. However, if you are still set on an inhouse solution, why not get in touch and give us the opportunity to provide you with a comparison?


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