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In today’s globalised market, communicating only in one language can immediately limit your customer base. Here we share with you what we think are the 5 most important reasons for having multilingual customer service.

Communicating Effectively

A key aspect of great customer service is the ability to communicate effectively with your customer. Without the ability to communicate in multiple languages, you are only accessible to a small portion of customers. However, providing multilingual service leads to a better experience for the customer, a higher retention or return rate, and a more personal service.


The importance of providing consistent service throughout the customer journey cannot be underestimated.   Communicating with someone in their native/near native tongue allows for less miscommunication so that a clear and consistent message is received irrelevant of which language is being implemented.

Faster Business Growth

Offering a multilingual approach will inevitably speed up the growth of your business. It is shown that 80% of customers desire customer service in their own language. 72% of customers are likely to proceed when information is available in their language. 74% of customers are likely to return if customer service in their own language is offered. Removing language barriers will ensure your customer service department will run smoothly and will allow other aspects of the company to be more productive.

Global Recognition

Multilingual functionality expands your global recognition. If your company can offer a variety of languages this will expand your footprint globally. It allows your client and customer base to grow internationally with no language barriers, which ensures you stand out from the crowd, and is great for your brand reputation.

Competitive Edge

Offering a multilingual customer service makes your company stand out from the crowd, ensuring that you are offering the best customer service possible.

DDC offers more than 32 languages which ensures we deliver top quality customer service and are able to connect worldwide with clientele. Contact us to find out about how we can help you.


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