Part 1: Utilities & The Customer Experience


The utility market has been experiencing unprecedented change; it is practically impossible to watch the news and not hear about the soaring energy prices and the knock-on effects on our economy and communities alike. The industry has a number of challenges to overcome in 2022, but that’s not to say that progress has not and is not being made that is worth discussing.  

We felt this was an appropriate time to reflect on the role of collaborative innovation within the sector, which is also the theme of the upcoming Utility Week Live, which we are delighted to be attending once more. As an outsourcer with established knowledge of working with utility suppliers and the wider eco-system, DDC Outsourcing Solutions fully understands the need for collaboration and innovative solutions to drive an exceptional customer experience.  

It is imperative to always be thinking of new and innovative ways to meet increasing customer expectations. Building positive customer relationships is directly linked to business success, as highlighted by Forbes – ‘With prosumers becoming more aware and involved in energy issues, utilities should capitalise on the opportunity for broader customer interactions by engaging with consumers directly through digital means and personalised marketing, and responding quickly to customer needs’.   

In this series of blogs, we hope to explore and evaluate the ever-changing world of customer service in the utility space. This will include thoughts on how to deliver best-in-class customer service, support vulnerable customers, the importance of communicating effectively, and a supplier’s guide to collaborating with an outsourcer.   

Having operated internationally for over 30 years now, we think we can add some ‘food for thought’ to these topics and would love to hear your points of view. Utility Week Live is designed to help attendees discover innovation and spark new ideas and actions, making it the perfect time to focus on these conversations.   

Look out for our next release, covering the know-how of delivering best-in-class customer service. Any questions or thoughts in the meantime? Get in touch!  


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