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The Main Benefits of a Multilingual Customer Service Team in Retail

Excellent customer service is a top priority when you’re running a retail business. Here at DDC OS, we can help you outsource this aspect of your business so you can focus on delivering exceptional products and services. We speak your customers’ language—literally. We can offer multilingual customer services so we can deal with your customer base in their native language. Let’s look at some of the benefits of this option.

It helps to boost brand loyalty  

Creating a sense of brand loyalty among your customers is always a challenge. However, research by translation service Travod found 75% of customers prefer to buy products from companies in their native language. When you offer consumers this extra, it not only makes the buying process easier, but it gives them a sense of trust. Should they have any questions about the product or services, they can speak to an advisor who knows their language.

Giving customers that extra sense of security may mean that they are more likely to buy from your business again. Uncertainty can be a real issue for people. If they are unsure about how to navigate the buying process—thanks to translation issues—they may choose to look elsewhere and go with a competitor. This ultimately has a knock-on effect when it comes to retention.

You may reach new customers 

Looking to expand your customer base? Choosing to offer multilingual customer services could be the answer. If you’re expanding your market into new geographical areas, you don’t want there to be any barriers in the way. While many people around the globe speak English, you should never take this for granted. The more languages you can offer your customers, the more people you are likely to attract. It’s that simple. One of the top priorities for new customers will always be ease. It’s all about making things as straightforward as you can.

Ahead of reaching out to new markets, you may find that it’s useful to consider what languages you would like to offer. It’s all about giving your customers a multitude of options so they can have access to your products. While you may think that it’s difficult to offer this service to individuals, it doesn’t have to be. Outsourcing your customer services means that you could offer a multitude of languages with ease.

You could gain the competitive edge 

In the modern world of business, you must do whatever it takes to get ahead. When you’re coming head-to-head with a competitor company, you need to offer your customers something that they don’t. For example, you may find that offering all customer services touch points in your customers’ native languages makes all the difference. While you and a competitor may offer strikingly similar services or products, you can use this as a real differentiator when it comes to marketing.

According to Business Insider, over 60% of customers will pay more for a product when they have received great customer service. Offering a tailored customer service experience could make a major difference here. When it comes to winning customers, you want to give yourself every possible advantage and make it as easy for them to shop.

Ready to start offering multilingual customer services today? Speaking to the DDC OS team to arrange a chat is the first step in doing just that for your business.  


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