Celebrating Cultural Diversity and Exceptional Customer Service: Nearshore.  

Recently, Client Development Director Nicola Hopkins returned to our nearshore facilities in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. Joining her on the trip was a long-standing client, New Era Cap. For our particular guests, it was their first visit, and it was ideal timing as we were celebrating our 5th anniversary as a successful partnership! Here we highlight some of the key moments from Nicola’s trip… 

Our solution offering for New Era Cap involves providing customer services in five languages – which made our multilingual hub in Sarajevo the ideal choice of location. “As a major retail brand, it is crucial that our customers feel the essence of our brand in every interaction, whether it’s over the phone, through email, or on social media,” said Michael Nong, Head of E-Commerce. Our team takes immense pride in delivering the highest level of service to every customer. While statistics on quality and productivity reflect this commitment, nothing compares to witnessing our team in action – delivering on Michael’s objectives.  

With all our clients, we strongly believe in fostering strong relationships between teams, irrespective of the distance between them geographically. This partnership is an excellent example of that; the teams have developed a remarkable bond, functioning as a cohesive unit. The thoughtful gifts they had gotten for one another in anticipation of the trip represent that bond. 

During their visit, our clients had the opportunity to spend valuable time with their dedicated team, observing procedures, participating in brainstorming sessions, discussing best practices, exploring innovations, and witnessing problem-solving firsthand. These trips are the perfect opportunity to further develop these relationships both in and out of the office…  

Beyond work-related activities, we ensured the team from New Era Cap had the opportunity to explore the beautiful sights of Sarajevo. Our colleagues, with their extensive historical knowledge and expertise, provided fun guided tours full of interesting facts, which gave us all a better understanding of the wonderfully diverse culture. Of course, no visit to Sarajevo is complete without indulging in its exquisite culinary delights, washing it down with the local drink, rakija. 

Michael Nong, New Era Cap, Head of E-Commerce, who had the opportunity to meet the DDC team during the site visit, said: “After meeting the DDC team in Sarajevo, it is evident why they are regarded as one of the best global customer experience service providers. Their team exhibits great professionalism and consistently delivers high-quality work. The exceptional customer feedback we have received is a testament to the outstanding service and dedication they provide for New Era Cap.” 

Sarajevo provided the perfect backdrop for celebrating our five-year partnership whilst providing the opportunity to look at the project’s future. Thanks to all the team that made it such a memorable experience. 

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