As the curtain closed on 2019, our amazing team in Bosnia took the time to rightfully celebrate and look back on another successful year.

A New Year’s Eve party took place, with around 400 members of the team from Sarajevo and Banja Luka in attendance. The dinner party involved prize games, with the winners heading to Istanbul, Rome and beyond, it was a night to remember.

Rewarding excellent performance is integral to the ongoing success of The DDC Group, so a huge thank you to the following for your dedication and hard work:
Dzenan Agic, Amina Hubanic, Dajana Stanisic, Milan Ceklic, Kerim Aljovic, Amila Balagic, Tarik Kulenovic, Ammar Kulic, Medina Muslimovic, Kanita Melic, Admira Keric, Aida Hodzic Mediha Paldum, Amna Music, Alma Vilic, Almin Kljuno, Elmir Majstoric, Jasmin Babic, Mia Bezjak, Adnan Sabanovic, Dino Mujic, Emina Mujan, Amra Aganspahic

DDC MLS has become a shining example of Bosnia and Herzegovina`s growing economy and 2020 promises further growth and opportunity.

To find out how our exceptionally skilled multilingual team in Bosnia is supporting a variety of industries with Data Capture and Contact Centre expertise, get in touch today! 


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