Shaun Rickards is our hero of December, having been nominated by our Infrastructure Manager, Matt Berry. Our Operation Director, Simon Keeler, and our Operations Manager, Lee Cartwright also agreed that Shaun should be nominated. 
Shaun has been nominated because of his hard work assisting IT. The Call Centre has migrated to the 8×8 platform for receiving phone calls, this involved installing phone on desks and preparing infrastructure. Although Shaun works in Scanning he was recommended for the task. Shaun installed cables for 48 desks in the Contact Centre and connected phones, before patching them in the server room to a switch he installed with an 8×8 engineer, resulting in a very simple transition to the new platform. Since then Shaun has fixed two failed data cables and has identified two more that may need replacing. Shaun has achieved all of this with very little assistance from the IT department.
Simon Keeler commented on Shaun’s nomination by saying, “Shaun is a very hardworking and diligent member of the team, he is always happy to volunteer for other duties besides his usual jobs.”


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