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Happy Earth Day – Our Top Tips for an environmentally friendly office

Happy Earth Day! We are proud to celebrate today as a company that has achieved its ISO 14001 Environmental Certification, with a fully mature compliant management system in place.  

This year’s Earth Day (22.04.21) theme is #RestoreOurPlanet, from April 20th – 22nd you can join world leaders for Earth Day, where they encourage all to come together to prevent the disasters of climate change and environmental destruction.  

Here’s our top tips to think about when looking at how you can be more environmentally friendly:  

1: Monitor your environmental aspects 

Essentially, we monitor the burning of fossil fuels, we do this by monitoring our Gas and Electric usage throughout the company as well as each member of staff. We then ensure when choosing our provider that we choose companies providing green options. Through this exercise we are proud to say our electricity usage is down 18.5 % and our Gas usage is down 2.5% since 2019.  

2: Check Your Paper Usage 

We collect data on our paper usage per individual and as a company collectively. Our paper usage is down 10.4 % since 2019 and to ensure when we are using paper that we are being environmentally friendly we have chosen to only use recycled paper 

3: Where is your office waste going?  

Be sure to provide bins in your office where employees can use the appropriate bin to segregate their rubbish. Then check where your general office waste is going when it leaves your premises. We have partnered with a provider that has a zero to landfill ethos, that turns our waste into new materials such as road surfacing material giving it a new life, where this is not appropriate it is used to generate green energy.  

4: Reduce Single Use Plastic  

We have seen the ban of plastic straws and the introduction of the charge for plastic carrier bags, we felt that having single use plastic in our offices would be a backwards step in the fight against single use plastic. So, we have swapped our single use plastic cups for recyclable biodegradable paper cups 

5: Reduce Office Air Pollution 

If you have aircon units in your office, it is important to get your units regulated to ensure that the Freon gas that is toxic inside the aircon unit doesn’t escape and create a toxic air environment for your employees.  

6: Do you have company cars? 

If you have company cars you can now make the eco-friendly choice to choose vehicles that are more environmentally friendly. We have made the decision to switch to hybrid cars which run cleaner, and we have installed an electric charging port in our office car parks. This means that we are reducing our fuel consumption and conserving energy.  

With these top tips you will be ensuring you are creating an eco-friendlier office and company. 

For more ideas and simple switches you can make to be more environmentally friendly plus information on #EarthDay click here. 


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