One of the main barriers we hear to outsourcing is one of brand protection, and as the person in our business that heads up marketing, it`s one I can certainly relate to. You’ve invested your heart and soul into growing your business; your team, your reputation and your culture is one you are proud of. But you are growing rapidly. You need extra resource, and you know that outsourcing is a cost-effective and scalable option.

Can you find an outsourcer whom you can trust to provide the same excellent level of service you pride yourselves on?

Can you find an outsourcer who will enhance your business culture and not stifle it?

Can you find an outsourcer that you can trust with your brand?

Well, at DDC OS, we can reassure you that, yes you can! You can trust us to be brand ambassadors for your business. We recognise that brand, tone of voice, and image are an integral part of the core values for any business and that these should be reflected in any communications with both existing and potential customers.

It sounds cliché to say it, but it really is important to us that you consider us as an extension of your team. This starts long before your project goes live with us; in fact, it begins when we very first discuss how we can help you. We invest time researching and collectively discussing, your business values and your approach to customer service; to ensure that the team of people we choose for you will represent those values well and that the team leader for your project will champion those values on your behalf.

Your brand values form an essential part of our induction process. We will invite you to send a ‘Brand Ambassador’ from your business to train your new team about who you are, your brand values and tone of voice. Moving forward, we actively encourage your input into the team to help reinforce the brand values and tone.

Here at DDC OS, we actively support open working; as a client of ours, you are always welcome on-site, and we have a designated operational area with hot desk space for you to use regularly. Encouraging your current employees to engage with the new team is a great way to ensure your brand values are really embraced.

For more information on how you can grow your Brand Ambassadors with outsourcing, contact us on or 01909 488600