Unveiling Leadership Potential: Key Takeaways from the “Get Out of Wrap” Podcast with Jo Bonser-Storey 

In today’s world, leadership is not about authority but about fostering growth and creating a safe space for our teams to develop and realise their potential. Jo Bonser-Storey, Client Experience & Quality Manager here at DDC OS, is a fantastic example of such leadership qualities. In the first Get Out of Wrap podcast of 2024, Jo delved into her experiences within the contact centre industry, how to boost agent performance and the importance of unlocking leadership potential.   

During the podcast…   

The prominent theme in the podcast was the role of leaders and how to coach your team around you, with Jo and Martin Teasdale (host of the Get Out of Wrap Podcast) drawing from their experiences. Jo emphasised the importance of recognising and nurturing leadership potential in individuals; leadership isn’t confined to titles; it’s about empowering others to reach their fullest potential. They spoke of the importance of the human aspects of leadership, focusing on understanding and supporting individuals to create a positive and productive work environment. Jo advocates for leaders to cultivate a style that encourages collaboration and fosters a sense of belonging among team members, sharing that coaching isn’t correcting mistakes but guiding individuals toward growth and excellence.  

Jo also shared insights into coaching techniques that promote customer satisfaction and loyalty within the podcast. The podcast wrapped up with Jo emphasising the importance of lifelong learning in staying relevant, resilient, and continually unlocking new opportunities.   

Jo’s appearance in the “Get Out of Wrap” podcast is a great listen for any leaders, particularly in the contact centre industry who understand that customer experience is directly linked to employee satisfaction.   

You can listen to the podcast here or watch it here.   

If you’d like to learn more about how DDC OS utilise these approaches alongside our clients to drive exceptional customer service performance, please get in touch here.  


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