Business Support

Business Support

Connect your front and back office to generate value with business process excellence

Business Process Services or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is all about bringing together the power of technology and people to handle a range of processes. From simple, day-to-day tasks to complex data-intensive assignments, also known as knowledge process outsourcing. Our Business Support solutions are designed to unlock value through operational efficiencies.

Our global operational centres have been delivering business processing solutions for over 30 years. This enables us to support tasks in various languages and offer access to a range of appropriate skill sets aligned to cost savings. By utilising a partner like DDC OS for your business support services, you can focus your time and resources on your core business, safe in the knowledge that an expert is supporting you. Not only managing your daily needs but keeping an eye on the future and reviewing continuous process improvements and the impact of technology to drive further value.

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Unlock Value

Through business process outsourcing

We help companies to unlock the benefits of outsourcing with client-focused services built around your specific challenges and objectives. Our global team offers fast, reliable support through a multilingual, multi-skilled team of dedicated experts. We’ll work to reduce the strain on your resources, allowing you to focus more of your time and attention on growth and new opportunities. Examples of business support tasks may include:

These back-office tasks can be so many different things for different businesses. No one solution is the same. We have worked across various industries on a wide range of projects. To get started and unlock value, our initial discovery call will allow us to understand your challenges and objectives and review our people, technology, experience, and expertise to allow us to create and build a solution that will meet your technology, customer, and commercial needs.

Unlock Value

Value add data services

Across the DDC Group and our extensive partner network that has been refined by 30 years of experience, we offer our clients a range of data services. From implementing AI to developing bespoke MI reporting to using data processing experts in various languages, we have the knowledge to unlock the value of your data.

Your data is a crucial asset and is unique to you. Your data output is exclusive to your business, and the value it adds to your customers is intangible. Whether it’s maximising the value of disparate data sources, cleansing data assets, processing data, or presenting high-relevancy, up-to-date industry news – we have a solution to suit your needs.

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Success Stories

Case studies

Utilities – Water Supplier

Providing payment processing & digital mailroom support for a large water supplier

Utilities – Localised Energy Supplier

Customer Support solutions for a localised energy supplier

Market Research – Information & Consultancy Group

Data capture for a world-leading information and consultancy group

Health- Pregnancy & Parenthood Support

Highly accurate data in a fast turnaround

Utilities – Industry Operations

Business Support solutions for a carbon-neutral energy supplier

Utilities – SaaS

Expanding the offering of a SaaS provider in the utilities industry

Public Relations – PR & Media

Multilingual research and customer support for a PR and media software company

FMCG – Global Digital Content Creator

Customer Service and Digital Content Creation

PR Software – Multilingual Database Management

Multilingual database management for a PR software and service provider


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