This week, we are excited to launch our internal Leadership Development Programme here at DDC OS UK. The course is 9 bespoke modules which will focus on our unique needs; It includes analysing the existing organisational leadership and culture and discovery of the ‘cause and effect’ processes that are currently in place to help shed light on the areas in need of improvement. The programme will then focus on developing superior management techniques and allowing the members of that management team to work collaboratively and resiliently.

Our Leadership Development programme is to be coordinated by Hazelwood for Business, and the Company owner, H. Kerri Schad had the following to say:

“The programme is designed specifically for DDC OS.  In a nutshell, it’s about providing the opportunity for professional and personal leadership growth and development. The real king-pin for the success of the programme are the people attending it.  Every single one of them has something positive to bring to the group.  We will draw on their unique experiences, specialisms and expertise so they not only learn from each other, but also challenge each other to think afresh about culture setting, collaboration and accountability.”

This programme is different and let’s be proud of that.  Each participant is commencing their own learning journey that will take them beyond the core leadership competencies.  Their journey will give them the opportunity to discover more about themselves and each other, and what it means to be a leader in a fast paced, dynamic organisation.

In light of our programme launch, Marie Sandler, HR Director, has written the following article, highlighting the difference between Training and Development:

What do we mean by ‘Leadership’?  Are leaders those individuals who have made remarkable achievements and positive contributions or is it about those who are prepared to do whatever it takes to claw their way to the top?  It is true to say that our society can have difficulty in distinguishing between the two.

If you Google ‘leadership training’ you will find endless search results for high flying groups claiming that they will take you or your management team to new heights! Sounds great doesn’t it?  But, do they really develop personal leadership skills? Many do not. Leaders are not puppies to be ‘trained’ to a set standard. Instead, by moving the focus to professional and personal leadership development you gain well-honed leadership behaviours, critical thinking skills, adaptability and flexibility to confidently lead through any situation that may come your way.

It might seem like semantics, but there is a big difference between training and development. Training typically teaches the techniques and processes for the correct way to do things; to operate to a set standard. And this is important operationally.  If you need teams to follow set procedures or operate to a specific standard?  Then, training is a good solution.  Training uses a ‘one size fits all’ approach to achieve consistency across individuals.  Training usually takes place in the form of a formalised presentation, lecture session or a teacher/classroom relationship. Often, these training programmes are set on ‘repeat’ and quickly become outdated and finite.

Development, on the other hand, refers to a much more equal partnership between the ‘Developer’ and the ‘Learner’.  Where the Developer will utilise techniques such as experiential activities, facilitation, mentoring and coaching.  The Developer works to understanding the learners needs, personalities, and the unique challenges they face in the workplace. A good leadership coach will talk with your team rather than talk at them in order to enable the learner to explore their situation with a new perspective and through this, come up with their own solutions. Unlike training, leadership development is forward-focused and helps leaders develop critical thinking and problem solving skills so they grow into flexible and successful leaders.