This month, the spotlight is turned onto Gemma Shipley, one of our Client Relationship Managers. Time to spill, Gemma…
Name : Gemma Shipley
Job Title : Client Relationship Manager
Where do you work? : Between sites in Worksop and Witney
How long have you been there? :  Well it depends how we are looking at this … I have been back for just over 4 months and it’s like I’ve never been away!  Adding the 4 months on to my previous time at DDC, I have worked here for 4 and a half years.
Talk us through a typical work day for you? : My days are spent ensuring that my clients are receiving the level of quality and service they expect from us. I work closely with each of the clients to deliver solutions, meet their expectations and help to grow their business. I wouldn’t say that there is a typical day in my role as to do lists can go out of the window with one telephone call or email.
What do you think is great about DDC? : Without any hesitation, the people who work here. The level of dedication and commitment from the team is second to none, we have a fantastic workforce.
What did you do before DDC? : I was Customer Service Manager for a textile manufacturing company.
Who do you work closest with at DDC? : My ‘work husband’ Jason Hall.
Who would be your ultimate dinner guest? : Prince Harry – I’m not sure I need to say anymore!
What is your hidden talent? : I am able to remember all the lyrics to a song after hearing it only a couple of times.
Were you named after anyone? : Not that I am aware of but I do know that my dad wanted to call me Jennifer. The change of name came when he was registering my birth as he wasn’t sure how to spell Jennifer so I was named Gemma.
Would you ever do a bungee jump or a skydive? : I would do a sky dive as the only way is down. I don’t think I could face a bungee jump as the thought of bouncing back up to where you came from and then down again and up again and down…….it turns my stomach just thinking about it.
What is the first thing you notice about people? : Their eyes – it is so true that they are the windows to the soul.
What is on your iPod currently? : I have a very eclectic music collection so my playlist varies. However, my two children usually have the last say on what is going to be played so we have Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’ on loop at the moment!
Where is the farthest you have ever been from home? : Cyprus for my wedding.

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