What should happen before the meter is installed?

Your customer should fully understand the installation process and be made aware of your installation code of practice. This might be the Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP) or your own internal code of practice.

You should advise the customer of what data is collected from smart meters and what that the information will be used for, as well as the customer’s rights and choices relating to this data

Your customer should be advised of the benefits of smart metering, such as more accurate billing and a better understanding of the usage and be advised of any sources from which they may obtain impartial information about improving energy efficiency.

What should happen with appointments for the meter installation?

If you’re arranging the appointment without a direct conversation with the customer, you should notify them in advance when the installation will take place, and indicate how long the visit will last, as well as the requirement for the customer to be present.

Usually any problems are avoided by speaking to the customer directly, but in any case, they should be made aware of the number of attendees they can expect on the installation and if applicable, details of any third-party metering agents being used.

The direct conversation will also enable you to ensure that any customer needs or requirements are identified and accommodated, including any details of any vulnerabilities.

All domestic customers should be advised that there will be no charge for the installation and if the customer is a micro business customer, they need to be informed of any charges before the day of the installation visit.

In those cases where a vulnerable customer needs a carer or person with legal responsibility, it must be ensured that such people are present during the installation visit, if required or requested by your customer.

What should happen on the day of the visit for the meter to be installed?

Your meter installer should identify themselves with a photo ID, including Gas Safe card, and be suitably dressed, courteous and professional, ensuring that in the cases of vulnerable customers that all people required to be present are there for the installation.

Any visits that have been aborted or incomplete should be explained to the customer. There should be a process in place for these instances, and any actions the customer needs you to take as a supplier must be clearly described.

Above all, the customer must be left with a supply of energy.

Your meter installers must ensure the system is working correctly. This includes the connection to the Data Communications Company, the home wireless network and the In-Home Display unit.

You should ensure the customer is shown the smart metering system, including the data available and how to access it. For prepayment meters, the demonstration must show the customer how to top-up, see tariffs, view debt, release emergency credit, and re-enable the supply.

What should happen after the meter is installed?

The customer should be provided with contact details in order to report faults. You should provide your customer with a timescale for when the fault is likely to be resolved as well as how they can check the progress of the resolution.

If the customer wishes to make a complaint, they should know what number they need to contact and be signposted to your complaints procedure.

What can DDC OS do to support you as a supplier or meter installer?

  • We have call-centre and fulfilment solutions that can design your smart metering installation documentation and get it out to customers in a timely way.
  • We have a multilingual call-centre solution that can manage customer appointments and arrange meter access. This makes successful visits to meters even easier in a diverse market.
  • We have an industry specialist team that can ensure the timely resolution of industry data items as well as fault enquiries. We can also help you manage your installers, not just in field performance, but also in data performance.
  • We can manage the feedback mechanism and contact your customers for any post-installation surveys you might wish to carry out.
  • We have a fully compliant complaints team. Our expert team, robustly manage and report complaints per Ofgem guidelines.

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