Taxing customer service experiences are the source of great frustration to the modern-day consumer with high standards. The customer expectation – when making a call – will be that of resolution, not further complications.

Whether it’s a simple query or complex problem that needs resolving, the last thing a customer wants is to be:

Passed to another advisor, Told to contact another department, Promised an update that never happens

These were the 3 top causes of customer effort identified by the Call Centre Management Association (CCMA) in their research into delivering a more effortless customer experience. They also identified that mature customers are more likely to require multiple interactions to get an issue resolved, and younger clients are more likely to feel forced to use non-preferred contact channels when seeking help.



With access to better data and technology than ever before, these factors should not be a feature of any modern-day contact centre. As a company, DDC works hard to reduce these top 3 through effective empowerment and engagement of our teams.

All agents at DDC receive extensive training to make sure they’re equipped to handle customer concerns; rather than just being the front-line voice inside a call centre, agents are upskilled across multiple business areas to ensure they are able understand and action queries. This prevents customers being passed around departments. This not only benefits the customers that come into contact with DDC, but also empowers the advisors by increasing their confidence in their ability to handle all possible eventualities.

However, whilst we and most contact centres do endeavour to deliver best practice, it is acknowledged that at times a call may need to be transferred. Yet, if an agent can demonstrate empathy and has shown a willingness to help, the customer experience is less likely to be negatively impacted.

Employee engagement is an equally important ingredient in the success of any outsourcer. Engaged employees are those that are more ‘emotionally invested in committing their time, talent and energy in adding value to their team and advancing the organization’s initiatives’(1) – an obvious benefit to any company. Research also indicates that engaged workers are happier, healthier, and more fulfilled in their roles; all things that are high on our priority list, and hopefully yours too!

DDC ensures engagement is prominent in a multitude of ways; from hiring a team of people who live up to our values, to having an internal marketing campaign dedicated solely to employee wellbeing – including virtual coffee mornings and beyond. This focus on staff welfare and support highlights to agents just how valued they are at DDC; every role is as important as any other.

Does your business provide top quality support to your customers through engagement and empowerment? Want to know more about DDC OS and how we can help? Then get in touch.




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