As we work our way through our outsourcing A-Z series, this week we pick up with H to L… 

H is for a Hybrid Solution

The DDC Group has access to 12 locations around the world, this enables us to offer our clients onshore, nearshore and offshore services. Our experience has often shown us that bringing them all together in a hybrid solution is often the most cost effective and operationally efficient way to achieve the given objectives.

Check out our blog “Onshore, offshore, nearshore – can all three work for your business?” to learn more.

I is for Innovation

We believe there are many distinctive characteristics that have helped The DDC Group become the successful global outsourcer that it is, and a key part of that is innovation. Throughout our 30-year history, we have adapted many times to ensure we are offering our clients the most relevant solutions. This involves the implementation of new technology, and investment in our people to enable them to be at the forefront of thinking development in the outsourcing industry.
Recently we were awarded a place on the Emerging Players List 2018 by the GSA – a key factor behind this was our commitment to innovation. 

J is for Job Enrichment

Our people have always been our most valuable asset, so we work hard to ensure they have all they need to succeed both in and out of work. For example, in 2017 we launched the DDC Wellbeing initiative in our UK HQ. This programme is designed to support, Mental, Physical and Financial wellbeing. Whilst this is still developing it is is at the forefront of our minds as we look to include new initiatives.
Across The DDC Group, we run various rewards schemes, such as ‘DDC Heroes`, check out our latest winners here.

K is for Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

DDC KPO are our specialists in knowledge processing, although the solution itself is offered across The Group. Leveraging our onshore, nearshore and offshore locations in a hybrid offering has enabled us to deliver on highly complex projects in a cost-effective manner. From multi-lingual data capture, through to medical, legal, engineering and financial administration processing, we have the experience and ability to manage these processes in a more efficient manner than many companies can complete them internally. 

L is for Lotto Management

Raffles and Lotto schemes are becoming an increasingly popular fundraising activity within the third sector – helping to build a sense of community for supporters whilst allowing them to donate to a worthy cause. At DDC Charity Solutions we offer a solution to handle raffles, lotto and prize draws and sweepstakes. This includes data capture of the returned response device, sorting of raffle stubs, entry into draw and fulfilment of extra raffle ticket books.

Our software enables us to randomly pull a number of winners for any given raffle; we can either make the draw on behalf of the client (as we are an External Lottery Manager) or the client can draw the raffle themselves. Our experience here at DDC CS in raffle support helps us provide valuable expertise in year-round raffles.