As we work our way through our outsourcing A-Z series, this week we pick up with D to G

D for DDC Digital Solutions.

Choosing what to discuss for the letter D in a company previously known as Direct Data Capture (DDC), is a challenge! Whilst Data Capture is still core to our business and we continue to invest in technology to support our Digital Mailroom and Digitisation solutions, our business continues to diversify.

Recently, that led to the introduction of a new member of the DDC family – DDC Digital Solutions (DDC DS)-. Based in the Ukraine, the team at DDC DS have been supporting a variety of businesses from website development, app development, design & video amongst other IT outsourcing requirements. DDC DS displayed their talents clearly when creating every website across The DDC Group during a recent global rebrand.

Feel free to get in touch to see what DDC DS can do for you.

E is for Efficiency  

We have found in our 30 plus years of working in the outsourcing industry that one of the key drivers behind our client’s decision to approach us, is to improve their business process efficiencies. We enable organisations to concentrate on their core business functions whilst we use our knowledge and experience to improve processes, ensuring improved efficiencies are at the heart of all of our solutions.

Check out how we have helped many organisations here.

F is for Freight Process Outsourcing 

DDC Freight Process Outsourcing (FPO), is a US based arm of The DDC Group. They are specialists in Freight billing and rate auditing – they are able to process 30% of all LTL bills in the United States. They work with and for a variety of freight, distribution and logistics specialists and entities, to find out how check out their case studies here.

G is for Group

The DDC Group is a passionate global business process partner focused on driving efficiency and performance for our clients. The group acts as the focal point and driver behind all DDC brands. With access to 12 global locations and 40 languages, the group has vast resource at its disposal to meet client needs quickly.

To see all that the group has to offer take a look at the solutions offered here.