Outsourced Customer Service in the UK: Why Now is the Perfect Time for Companies to Invest

Outsourcing crucial business processes and tasks is relatively common in today’s world. It’s not just big companies that rely on external talent to achieve their operational goals. Around 37% of small businesses outsource at least one business process.

While many organisations have leveraged outsourcing to help with accounting, IT tasks, and other issues, the area of the BPO landscape really gaining in popularity is outsourced customer service. While handing the care of your crucial customers over might seem like a risk, countless businesses are seeing the benefits.

Not only does customer service outsourcing cut business operational costs, but it also ensures that today’s businesses can keep up with ever-evolving customer expectations and demands.

The key to success is making sure you choose the right team for your outsourced services. It’s not enough to just consider the CX (Customer Experience) skills of your BPO group. It’s also important to think about where the team is located.

Here’s why now could be the perfect time for many businesses to start thinking about outsourcing their customer service tasks to a team located in the UK.

The Rise of UK Outsourced Customer Service

Choosing the right strategy for customer service outsourcing begins with thinking about how you can leverage the most effective team to serve your target audience. Picking the right location for your team can make all the difference in everything from availability to customer satisfaction.

While there are countless offshore outsourcing companies with experts across the globe, the UK is quickly gaining steam as one of the most valuable locations for outsourcing services. After all, it’s one of the best places to find English-speaking specialists with an empathetic, professional approach to customer service.

As the business landscape continues to evolve, managing the customer experience is becoming increasingly challenging for businesses of all sizes. Customer expectations are evolving, and call and contact volumes are increasing almost daily. Even as tools like generative AI and chatbots continue to proliferate the market, nothing compares to providing your customers with access to experienced, compassionate, and human support.

55% of customers still say they prefer to speak to a human agent

In fact, 55% of customers still say they prefer to speak to a human agent when handling common queries. What’s more, when customers face complex or emotional issues, their need for human support increases. No one wants to deal with a bot when important things like money or well-being are on the line. Outsourcing customer service to a UK team ensures companies can expand their customer experience strategy with a team of authentic, experienced professionals.

Not only do customer service teams in the UK generate exceptional satisfaction scores (with a CSI rating of 78.4), but they’re uniquely positioned to connect with clients in their own language.


The Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Service to UK Teams

Here are some other key reasons why UK customer service outsourcing makes sense:

Excellent reputation

Surveys conducted by independent consulting and research firms around the world consistently rank the UK as one of the most promising and competitive destinations for outsourcing worldwide. The BPO market in the UK is currently valued at around £82.8 billion, and it’s expected to grow at a 6% CAGR in the next few years.

Relevant Complaint Management:

A massive 43% of UK consumers say local companies offer better complaint handling than global companies, according to a report from Capterra.

Tech-savvy, Innovative Professionals

Since the UK government is committed to growing the technical industry, UK professionals are relatively familiar with all of the latest tools and software on the market. They can easily adapt to using everything from AI and automation tools, analytics platforms and anything else your business might rely on.

Exceptional Expertise

Top UK BPO companies can offer access to professionals with experience working in a variety of industries and landscapes. You can find team members with a deep knowledge of your target market, customer base, and even the solutions or products you sell. This means you can invest less time into training.


The geography of the UK makes it ideal for connecting with customers across various regions in their own time-zone. Even locations like the US and Canada are only a few hours away from the UK’s own time zone. This makes it easier to not only offer around-the-clock service to customers, but also manage your teams more effectively, wherever you are.

Fantastic training:

UK professionals have access to some fantastic educational resources, from world-leading universities and colleges, to training bootcamps. The top BPO providers consistently invest in the development of their talent’s soft skills and technical skills, so you don’t have to worry about it yourself.

Low Cost

Although some BPO teams located in other parts of the world may be cheaper to work with than professionals from the UK, the pricing of UK services is usually relatively low. What’s more, when you look at the value you get from a UK team in terms of rapid project delivery, excellent customer satisfaction scores, and efficiency, it’s easy to see that UK outsourcing services deliver a fantastic return on investment.


UK companies are known for being highly productive, efficient, and carefully managed. These teams run like well-oiled machines, particularly in a world where hybrid and remote working opportunities are growing. When you outsource your customer service needs to a UK company, you can rest assured you’ll get an excellent level of efficient service.

It’s the Perfect Time to Invest in Outsourced Services from the UK

Ultimately, as a native English-speaking country packed with highly educated and well-trained professionals, the UK is a perfect location for business process outsourcing. Working with a UK team on your customer service strategy will ensure you can access efficient, reliable, and technically savvy professionals ready to deliver around-the-clock service.

To learn more about how you can find the perfect outsourced team for customer service in the UK, contact the DDC Outsourcing Solutions team today. Our specialist teams in the United Kingdom can handle every aspect of your customer service strategy, work as an extension of your brand, and give you the tools you need to boost customer satisfaction scores.


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