DDC OS UK was established in 1989, and are market leaders in onshore, offshore and nearshore business processing solutions. The company has grown and now services a wide range of customers in various sectors such as finance, charities, utilities, consumer and public sector.

John Callachan, Managing Director, explains how a hybrid approach can benefit business.

Hybrid Model (The Onshore v Offshore)

With over 30 years’ experience in outsourcing, DDC OS have been involved in the debate of Onshore v Offshore for a long time. Three decades ago it was the time to shine for India, before the widespread public backlash. Since then we have seen more companies try to adopt an onshore approach, but struggle to maintain reasonable costs. Customers will demand the best service and the lowest cost, offering both is a challenge, but we believe an achievable one.

A Hybrid Approach

Instead of aligning our business model to one or the other, at DDC OS we created a hybrid model that allows us to reap the benefits of both. We pull together the best and most relevant services from each depending on the project requirements. This flexible and adaptable solution has been an extremely successful approach for many of our clients and continues to be implemented more and more across a variety of industries.

Being part of The DDC Group, we have a global reach with access to over 12 operational locations. Here in the UK, we have utilised our team in Sarajevo (a nearshore/onshore combination). The team there have an exceptional educational background and multi-language skills that give us access to no less than 40 languages. Our clients and their customers have always been taken aback by their outstanding performance.

Our typical approach to a hybrid customer service model is hard to pinpoint as each customer has different needs, but generally:


  • The UK is often used for calls, satisfying customers’ desire for a British voice on the phone
  • Our management team, including client relationship management, operational support, project management, quality and training amongst others, is based in the UK, giving our clients the easiest communication options and availability
  • Security is handled and managed from the UK to the highest international standards. With the ability to handle highly sensitive documents in the UK and others off/near shore, if requested by the client
  • Back office tasks and more process-driven tasks are handled nearshore at a substantial cost saving


This ensures our client can reduce their costs, keeping them affordable for their customers. All the while, satisfying customers service expectations.

International Markets

It is also important to note that, many companies are looking to create a wider reach, whether that be European or global, entering new markets regularly. This again is where our hybrid model has been effective, as we are able to provide access to over 32 languages through our multilingual workforce. This has enabled us to partner our clients not only in the UK but wherever their ventures take them, ensuring a true partnership approach, avoiding any setup headaches.

Managing Brand Image

The rise in customer complaints against offshoring went hand in hand with the growing importance companies placed on a brand image. Here at DDC OS, understanding each of our clients’ brands and developing the mindset and ethos into our teams during extensive training, has made a big difference in enabling our clients to engage with their customers in a more personal and effective way.

If you’d like to see how we can support you with a hybrid approach or would just like to learn more, get in touch.