By now you will have read at least one article on ‘Disruption’, if you haven’t, take a look at ours. The article references a number of changes we have implemented to drive us forwards, Michelle Davies, our Programme Director has been pivotal in any transformation. Recently, we took the time to sit with Michelle and discuss the ‘disruption’ she has brought to DDC OS UK.

So, Michelle, how long have you been at DDC OS and what are your responsibilities as Programme Director?

I’ve been at DDC OS for around a year and a half.  I’m responsible for co-ordinating and organising a number of projects, programmes and transformation activities to help realise our strategic goals.  Ultimately, I’m here to help optimise our customer’s journey and to ensure we continue to keep on getting better at what we do!

Could you tell us a little bit about your past and how you came to be in this role?

My background is Project/Programme Management, predominantly in the Records Management, Cloud based SaaS and Business Transformation areas.  Most recently I’ve come from a Consultancy group and have been working with different industry verticals implementing complex integrations with a CRM, both nationally and internationally.  I’ve built good working relationships along the way, and knew both our MD and Ops Director from a previous life!

Your career so far has been focussed on implementing change, which is now being described as ‘Disruption’. I assume in your network this is a term you’ve come across regularly, what are your thoughts?

Yes, it’s been around for some time; Disruption should be in my job description and I love to cause a little.  Digital disruption is changing the way we work, and technology and the need to be agile is key.  Disruption is healthy for an organisation, it encourages people to be innovative, and to realise that just because they’ve been doing something in a particular way for the past 10 years it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve been doing it the most effective way!

You’ve had limited time at DDC OS, but none the less I am sure you’ve had the chance to make some changes. Could you name a couple of highlights and how that has helped us, and/or our clients develop?

Yes, I know from experience that communication is key to success, no matter what you’re doing.  With this in mind I’ve encouraged the adoption of new technologies to enhance and speed up communication and to break down any communication barriers.  I’m seeing a real shift change in behaviours which is really good.

I could see when I came on board we had a number of people doing the same thing, but in different ways across multiple clients.  I set up a Shared Services Centre (SSC) which includes functions such as reporting, workforce management, compliance, project management, quality and training.  We’ve centralised our processes and are growing our opportunities to standardise, digitise and automate.

So, what do you foresee for both the Outsourcing industry and for DDC OS UK in the coming years?

We need to continue finding new ways to be agile and to embrace digital disruption. Knowing that Change (or should I call it Disruption?!) is not a once a year event is crucial and having robust change and governance in place will help with that.  For DDC OS UK, it’s exciting times…. we’re in the process of onboarding some great new clients and we’ve been working with our colleagues out in Sarajevo (MLS) a great deal.  I’m certain this is going to go from strength to strength and I’m very much looking forward to that – they’re a great bunch.

OK, final question, a curveball… what does Michelle like to do with her spare time? Assuming you have any with all the disruption you’re causing…

I’m an amateur Documentary and Travel Photographer with a passion for travelling; whilst my navigation skills are particularly poor (thank goodness for GPS and a partner who is great at map reading) I like to go off the beaten path, explore and photograph.  Travel broadens the mind, teaches you new things every day and sometimes tests your boundaries, it’s great! If I’m not stuck behind a camera…I love to Run and Cycle and to challenge myself.  My next ‘challenge’ is a half marathon and next year I’ve got my eye on the ‘big one’ – a 105-mile Kayak, Trail Run and Bike Coast to Coast across Scotland

As you can see, we have the right people driving us forwards here at DDC OS. If you’d like to know more about the great work Michelle and her team are driving forwards, please get in touch.