Lamija Horozic is the candidate for today’s spotlight focus. Lamija is the Belgian Team Leader in our offices in Sarajevo, Bosnia. She started working with DDC MLS in January 2014 and speaks French, Italian, Spanish, English, Dutch and of course Bosnian.
Born in Bosnia, Lamija has lived here her whole life. She started speaking languages at an early age during school and went on to study French and Italian at a greater level, finally earning her Masters Degree in both of these languages. During her time studying, Lamija has been fortunate enough to have gained 2 scholarships, the first to Perugia in Italy, where she spent 3 months; the second to Switzerland, where she lived among French-speaking natives.
Upon joining DDC MLS, Lamija started working as part of the Italian team, however, she has moved through several other teams before settling in the Team Leader role for the Belgian team, where she currently supports 10 agents. Discussing her time here so far, Lamija says;
“Working for DDC MLS gave me an opportunity to use my knowledge of languages and to work with people with various educational backgrounds. I couldn’t have imagined what a huge experience it would be and how many things I would learn. Every day is a new challenge and I am constantly learning and improving my abilities. I have learned what it means to work in a team, to share your opinions and ideas with other people. Even when there are challenges, together we always find a solution. I think that DDC MLS is a great example of what a group of people can achieve if they stick together and share their opinion and knowledge with each other.”
If speaking 6 languages doesn’t keep Lamija busy enough already, this accomplished young lady also plays the piano. Further still, she comments on her latest extracurricular activities;
“Recently I started working as an online teacher of English language for BIBO Organization and I am planning to start teaching online French and Italian language as well. That way I am constantly meeting new people from all over the world and I am sharing my knowledge and learning about different cultures at the same time.”

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