This month the Spotlight is turned to Harriet Ivison, a Client Support Executive for DDC Charity Solutions. So Harriet, tell us about yourself…

Name: Harriet Ivison
Job Title: Client Support Executive
Where do you work: DDC OS Worksop
How long have you been there? 3 months in my current position, but I worked at DDC previously in operations last year for a few months too.
Talk us through a typical working day for you? One of the things I like about my job is that no two days are the same. My role focuses on ensuring that we continue to deliver the high standard of service our charity clients expect, so I spend a lot of time liaising with our contacts at the charities we work with to build a relationship with our clients, and a lot of time with the operations team ensuring processes are running smoothly, and finding ways to implement changes which can improve client delivery.
What do you think is great about DDC? The charities team work closely together and are passionate about providing the best service to the clients. It’s a very supportive environment to work in.
What did you do before DDC? I had previously worked in a variety of admin-based jobs, including in DDC’s operations team last year, but always whilst studying full time, and I graduated with my Master’s degree in January.
Who do you work closest with at DDC? The CRM team – Sarah, Claire, and Gemma.
Who would be your ultimate dinner guest? David Chalmers, who is a philosopher. My degree was in philosophy so I would enjoy being able to ask him questions directly!
If you had a superpower what would it be? Probably the ability to pause time, so I could spend more time enjoying my hobbies – especially reading more.
Would you ever bungee jump or skydive? I’ve actually done a bungee jump before in Spain a few years ago, I’m not sure I would ever skydive, though!
What is on your iPod currently? Smashing pumpkins, placebo, and the Game of Thrones soundtrack…
Where is the farthest you have been from home? Greece, which isn’t that far but it was my first holiday away with friends and I have some brilliant memories from it.

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