This month, for our first Spotlight of 2017, we would like to introduce you to Hana Dautovic, the Canadian (French) Team Leader of 65 members.
Although she is no stranger to being in the spotlight, pursuing her passion for theatre in her teens, we asked Hana and her colleagues to share with us.
“What you might find interesting is that I have finished two Primary Schools – the first: regular and the second, Music School, which enabled me to master my piano skills. I still play the piano, especially when I am under a lot of pressure. As for High School, I attended a Foreign Language Specialist School, where I studied a number languages: English, French, German, as well as Latin, which made my French studies much easier. That was the period when my love towards French language and France was born.
I chose French language and literature to be the field of interest during my five-year studies. Currently holding a Bachelor degree, I am very close to getting my Master’s degree in the same field. When it comes to languages, I actively speak three foreign languages: English, French and Spanish. Apart from that, I understand German and Turkish, which is often described as a receptive bilingualism. Last, but not the least, I have acquired a really vast knowledge of ancient Latin and Greek, which is used essentially in understanding the core of foreign languages. What I am striving for is to hold a PhD degree in Psycholinguistics in the future and I will certainly devote myself to this task.”
At first, she led a team of 15 before it turned to 65 members overnight, a challenge for anybody. Let’s see what Hana says about her role; “It is truly my honour to work with this remarkable group, distinguishable by all kinds of personalities. It has been a real pleasure to see a group of people, merely acquaintances at first, now growing into one autonomic, cooperative circle that builds a real team spirit on a daily basis. My team and its professional growth is something really worth admiring – the way they communicate internally, the way they get along and the way they help each other, without exceptions. From my perspective, being a team leader isn’t only managing the flow of day-to-day operations, but it’s all about knowing your team member’s strengths, weaknesses and motivations.”
She claims that working with a big group requires a lot of patience, social and psychological skills, which proved to be one of the most challenging tasks she’s been dealing with. Hana says that her educational background made this effort easier, as she has already acquired these skills through her education. Hana says: “Successful group work requires not only careful preparation and facilitation but also regular reflection and reassessment afterwards. When I feel some of my skills are weaker than the others, I always do my best to strengthen them”.
Thank you for sharing Hana, your skill set and professionalism really shines through in your work and your personality. Keep up the great working.

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