This week we are turning our Spotlight to Elvira Pasagic who is our French team leader at DDC MLS.
The team currently contains around 15 agents and Elvira was delighted to lead them in her first team leader role. After joining DDC MLS in May 2016, she started out as an entry agent on the Canadian project before being made a QC agent. After adding value to her roles, Elvira was offered a role as a team leader.
Interestingly, Elvira spent 15 years working for NATO in Bosnia and Herzegovina. “I have studied French language and literature and spent my time with NATO as a French interpreter and occasionally English too. I enjoyed this role as it was interesting and very diverse. This position gave me the opportunity to learn new skills and meet different kinds of people. This was during the Dayton agreement period and I am very happy that I was part of this force and the implementation of it.
What I like the most about DDC MLS is the positive atmosphere that you can see and feel across all teams and projects. We work with young talents from different cultures. There is a lot of enthusiasm and a positive working energy that you can see among all agents. In the current role that I am in, my motto is that there are no problems, only solutions waiting to be discovered. “
Thanks for sharing Elvira and keep up the great work!

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