In recent years, the business world has undergone countless transformations. The advent of modern technology has changed many mainstream companies’ processes. Here at DDC Outsourcing Solutions (DDC OS), we are continuously looking to support our clients through innovation.

Digital Transformation is a term that has been loosely used and abused for many years, it is not simply removing paper as some might have you believe. It is converting data that is in both analogue and digital form, into actionable information that is shared in a timely manner to key stakeholders.

With technology evolving now quicker than ever, businesses need to grasp the opportunities of innovation or face the consequences. Our Digital Transformation Solutions are key ways in which we are supporting our clients to be better prepared for current and future business challenges to meet ever changing business and customer demands.

But what does it mean and why does it matter? If you have never heard of the term before now, you need to find out more.

We have got you covered. Head of Innovations at DDC OS, Ray Cooper, gives us the inside scoop on our solutions and the technology behind it.

What is Digital Transformation?

In its simplest term Digital or Data Transformation is the process of changing the format, structure, or values of data. However, it is the results of these changes that unlock opportunities to enable businesses to:

• Reduce costs
• Reduce risks
• Increase controls
• Increase speed
• Add flexibility
• Operate virtually
• Automate management information
• Enable real time business and client insight

Benefits manifest themselves in different ways for different organisations, the DDC OS team has collectively experienced delivering thousands of different tailored solutions.
The common theme is: 1. SmartCapture – Collect, extract, and validate key data from all input sources such as paper, image, voice, email, SMS, social media, newsfeeds, data sets structured and unstructured, etc…
2. Automatic Analytics – Aggregate and analyse the data to deliver meaningful information in a scalable, timely, flexible, and extendable service.


“We are constantly reviewing various solutions from a digital transformation perspective, that relate to data capture technologies. One of these solutions being our Smart-Capture software” says Ray. “Historically, the process companies use to extract data from paper scanned to image formats, is to pass it through optical character recognition (OCR), which essentially recognises good quality machine printed text. In 2019, I and a specialist R&D team approached all major OCR vendors to find a solution to the very challenging automatic capture of cursive handwriting. None had a solution and most suggested manual capture.”

“Having exhausted traditional technology, we looked at disruptive new entries to create our game-changing solution for the market. Rather than businesses having to transcribe their data manually (or outsource it), our new SmartCapture approach does so automatically.” Ray explains how this move has transformed the data capture sector.

“This enables us to support our clients and some of our historical BPO competitors, by providing our SmartCapture solution to all, it enables advanced simultaneous capture of cursive handwriting and machine print text in one pass. This is just the critical start of the process before we do the following:
• Add auto classification
• Validation
• Data matching and scoring data confidence for accuracy

Only poor quality data is filtered for manual review and correction and this activity is fed back into our system for machine leaning. Ultimately the results are, high quality data with minimum human intervention leading to quicker results at a lower cost.”

DDC OS are specialists in this area with over 30 years’ experience in data capture, it’s therefore not surprising that we are ahead of the curve. Our view is to provide our clients with the most flexible and effective technology to meet their current and future challenges. This service becomes even more valuable when combined with our Analytics technology.

Automatic Analytics

The innovative, technological solutions do not end there. In addition to offering the ability to transcribe data quickly and efficiently, Ray goes on to explain the Digital Transformation Solution, automatic analytics. This feature means that business owners can very quickly interrogate large volumes of data to mine business-critical information.

“One of the additional services that we can provide is automatically evaluating, analysing, and classifying any unstructured text. We convert data into information that provides actionable insight”

“When unstructured data becomes structured information, it can be presented in a variety of ways to support a line of business processes, management information and business intelligence,”

Making your data not only useful to marketers and analysts but also your decision makers, who need readable data in order to make informed decisions for your company.
Making Businesses and Data Intelligent

So, how can business leaders and managers start using this solution effectively?

Empowered by meaningful information, Ray explains that these individuals can now access this information quicker, cheaper and with greater opportunity for automation to better understand the key drivers for their company.

“Effectively, the data from this can feed into business intelligence models. It is not just taking raw data; it’s turning raw data into something that is meaningful. That can then be combined with other internal information to determine its impact on the business.”

“Our solutions are highly scalable, so volume is no barrier, and it’s great when we demonstrate our systems to clients, prospects and partner BPO’s, as feedback is immensely positive, and they often go on to say it seems too good to be true.”

Want to learn more about our Digital Transformation solution? Contact us today and find out how we can help.