The DDC MLS Humanitarian Fund was founded in 2016 by the MLS team, with a goal of supporting the local community in Sarajevo. Starting out as a one-time fundraising activity to support a co-worker, whose mother had survived a stroke and was recovering in hospital; this good will was soon extended when the team found many others in need of assistance.

The fund is run by of a committee of MLS team members, who plan ways to help those in difficult situations where they can. Usually, any actions the team take are implemented within the office, such as fundraising activities; however, due to lockdown, the agents have been trying to find other ways in which they can raise funding to help those in need.

The team were determined to help one particular individual, who was an unemployed single mother of a two year old girl. The mother was struggling to pay for her food and bills during the current lockdown. The agents organised themselves into groups, dependant on where they lived, and decided to raise money for the mother online and in person where they could whilst respecting the measures of the government.

When the teams had raised enough funding, they brought groceries and special baby food which fit the dietary needs of the young girl.

It is times like these that we need to ensure we are helping those in need wherever possible. The team at DDC MLS have been shining examples of how we should respond to situations such as these. We want to take this time to thank our amazing team for showing such concern and taking a proactive approach.


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