Read more The Evolution of the Modern-Day Outsourcing Partner

June 24, 2019

When Then DDC Group started out 30 years ago, outsourcing was predominantly an exercise for cost reduction; ‘Labour arbitrage’ as it was called back then. Phrases such as ‘meeting staffing needs’ were used in marketing and the overwhelming message was that if you moved some of your business processes to a third party (usually offshore) you could save money and streamline those business processes. Thus, the outsourcing sector became a multi-billion-pound industry and compa

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Read more Smart Meter Installation - A Supplier View

June 04, 2019

What should happen before the meter is installed? Your customer should fully understand the installation process and be made aware of your installation code of practice. This might be the Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP) or your own internal code of practice. You should advise the customer of what data is collected from smart meters and what that the information will be used for, as well as the customer’s rights and choices relating to this data Your customer should

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Read more The Future of Customer Service Expectations

May 15, 2019

The Future of Customer Service Expectations The world is an ever-evolving place, as is the customer service environment. Consumer behaviour is different and in turn, so are customer service expectations. So, for the customer service providers out there, what next? "The trend toward using more channels and fewer traditional methods to contact customer service is set to continue as comfort with chatbots grows." eMarketer article. Research suggests that the most used channel was still the pho

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Read more Utilities: What`s Trending

April 24, 2019

Utilities: What’s trending… As we march through 2019, we take a look at some of the latest trends in the utilities market. As the market diversifies, decentralises and digitises the challenges become more and more apparent… Top Trend 1 AI investments from Energy & Utility retailers will double in 2019. As we have discussed in a number of our previous blogs, customer experience is becoming a key differentiator for suppliers as it becomes increasingly difficult to compe

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Read more Moving from Legacy to Smart Meters: Briefing

April 12, 2019

Moving from Legacy to Smart Meters: A DDC OS Perspective What are Smart Meters? Smart meters measure a customer’s exact gas and electricity use and then send all the information back to the energy supplier, without the need for someone to come and take meter readings. The In-Home Display (IHD) tells the customer how much energy is being used as a display monitor in your home. Smart meters provide near real-time information on energy usage, allowing customers to manage this more effecti

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Read more A New Dawn for Retail and Outsourcing?

March 25, 2019

The struggles of the retail industry are apparent to even the untrained eye. Empty high street buildings have become the norm, and with growth of super-brands like Amazon, it’s clear to see that online shopping is reigning supreme. At a time when the customer is spoiled for choice, a superior customer service experience has become a key differentiator. The age-old statement “the customer is always right” rings true in the current climate, more so than ever. With so much choice

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