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June 29, 2020

Many have faced the same question, should we place our customer services inhouse, or outsource? Weighing up the pro’s and con’s, looking at the current set up and taking advice from experts, but what is the right decision?   As an outsourcer of excellent customer services, we might be forgiven for being slightly biased here, but none the less, here is our take, starting with the inhouse option.   Inhouse Cus

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Read more DDC MLS Humanitarian Fund

June 22, 2020

The DDC MLS Humanitarian Fund was founded in 2016 by the MLS team, with a goal of supporting the local community in Sarajevo. Starting out as a one-time fundraising activity to support a co-worker, whose mother had survived a stroke and was recovering in hospital; this good will was soon extended when the team found many others in need of assistance. The fund is run by of a committee of MLS team members, who plan ways to help those in difficult situations where they can. Usually, any actions th

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Read more 5 Reasons Why You Should Offer Multilingual Customer Service.

June 17, 2020

In today’s globalised market, communicating only in one language can immediately limit your customer base. Here we share with you what we think are the 5 most important reasons for having multilingual customer service. Communicating Effectively A key aspect of great customer service is the ability to communicate effectively with your customer. Without the ability to communicate in multiple languages, you are only accessible to a small portion of customers. However, providing multilingual

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Read more DDC heroes so far.

June 02, 2020

Here at DDC OS, we love to reward our team and their achievements through our DDC Heroes scheme. All of our winners enjoy great prizes, and we love to share their stories with you all. Today we share our 2020 Heroes so far… In January it was a real team effort from one of our utilities back office teams; nominated for their ability to adapt, their dedication and positivity. The team received multiple nominations by many different members of staff for the shining example they were setting

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Read more Mental Health First Aiders

May 22, 2020

More than half of employees state that they have suffered from ‘common’ mental health problems, and in the UK someone is made ill by stress at work every two minutes. Finding ways to prevent such occurrences, and to improve mental health is a key topic for employers and their HR teams. Not only does protecting and enhancing mental health fulfil the legal duty of care and demonstrate the Company’s responsibility to wellbeing and ethical vision/values; it also reduces the potent

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Read more The key to successful multilingual customer services

May 01, 2020

In the past two decades, online commerce has grown significantly, creating a truly global market. A company offering products or services in a global marketplace, needs to offer the customer services to match, and of course, this means communication in a multitude of languages. There is a wide range of tools available that can help you translate languages. Technology as always, leading the way in new software built for instant responses in a variety of languages. But actually, these literal tra

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