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April 12, 2019

Moving from Legacy to Smart Meters: A DDC OS Perspective What are Smart Meters? Smart meters measure a customer’s exact gas and electricity use and then send all the information back to the energy supplier, without the need for someone to come and take meter readings. The In-Home Display (IHD) tells the customer how much energy is being used as a display monitor in your home. Smart meters provide near real-time information on energy usage, allowing customers to manage this more effecti

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Read more A New Dawn for Retail and Outsourcing?

March 25, 2019

The struggles of the retail industry are apparent to even the untrained eye. Empty high street buildings have become the norm, and with growth of super-brands like Amazon, it’s clear to see that online shopping is reigning supreme. At a time when the customer is spoiled for choice, a superior customer service experience has become a key differentiator. The age-old statement “the customer is always right” rings true in the current climate, more so than ever. With so much choice

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February 18, 2019

Here at DDC Outsourcing Solutions UK, we like to stay ahead of the curve to ensure that we can offer our clients services that not only support them now but through any upcoming changes and challenges. The following trends were identified in a recent article by Charity Digital News, accessible here.  Mobile Giving Statistics suggest that last year alone the industry missed out on £1.5bn in donations by not offering donors a fully mobile experience. Charities simply cannot afford t

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Read more £1,517 Raised for Local Charity

February 14, 2019

Throughout 2018, DDC Outsourcing Solutions UK (DDC OS) supported local charity Muddy Fork. The charity was set up to provide Wellbeing and Mental Health support through conservation and wildlife gardening in Nottinghamshire.  The team at DDC OS came together for a variety of fundraising activities, from Easter Extravaganzas to Christmas Festivities there was fun to be had across the year. Our people, true to their nature also got involved in external events such as the Robin Hood Half Mara

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Read more DDC MLS Complete the Audi B2B Run

February 12, 2019

On 27th September 2018, DDC MLS took part in Audi Business to Business (B2B) Run in Sarajevo for the second year running. This 5km run for businesses is organised in many European cities and promotes health, activity and teamwork.  Together with over 1200 people from more than a hundred companies based in Bosnia and other guest companies from the region, our team of 12 played their part. The team consisted of colleagues from management, the IT department and several other teams. It wa

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February 07, 2019

Outsourcing’s reputation certainly took a hit last year, even the biggest in the industry it seemed could be found in troubled waters. So, throw in the digital age and its relentless ability to make once tiresome manual tasks simple, will Outsourcing survive? Dr Utz in his recent article with the same name, posed the question – ‘Is Outsourcing Out?’* – it appears the answer is no.  The key point here is that “outsourcing often still proves to b

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