This week our spotlight turns to Adis Omerović, the Harmonisation Team Leader in Sarajevo, Bosnia. He started working at DDC MLS in April 2015, where thanks to his German-speaking skills, he worked on a German team project. Further to German, he speaks English, and of course Bosnian.
Born in Bosnia, Adis and his family moved to Germany at an early age, where he started his education in primary school. Later, he returned to Bosnia to finish Medical school and became a nurse/physiotherapist. Adis displaying his enthusiasm to learn then began studying Chemistry at the University of Sarajevo. At the Clinical Centre University of Sarajevo, he finished his Medical Internship.
Adis has worked in several companies in administrative roles, before he became the Coders Team Leader here at DDC MLS, then moving on to his current position as Harmonisation Team Leader. After brief spells with the German team and the Danish team, he is now responsible for a team of 25.
“Thanks to DDC MLS I have met a lot of different people, personalities, and I’m learning new things every day. It’s a challenging place to work, where I coach my team, and where we all develop. It’s inspiring to work with young people, who have a lot of ideas and different perspectives.”
Outside of work and education, he is a big fan of football, both as a spectator and a player. Winding down by watching movies and getting hooked on TV box sets.
Thank you, Adis for sharing with us and for your dedication to your team’s success!

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