This week our spotlight is turning to Adam Hawley of DDC Charity Solutions. So Adam, tell us about yourself…
Adam Hawley
Job Title:
Charities Operations Manager
Where do you work:
DDC Charity Solutions
How long have you been there?
Since April 2016
Talk us through a typical working day for you:
Well, I don’t really have a typical day; each day is varied. Usually, I check emails, letters, briefs and client communications (through the Client Relationship Management team). This all helps me understand what work we have in, what SLAs we need to achieve and ensure the team focus is where it needs to be.
During my available time, I enjoy walking around and talking to members of the team; it’s very important to be able to see daily tasks from different perspectives.
What do you think is great about DDC CS?
DDC CS isn’t a ‘typical’ big business – there is a huge focus on staff wellbeing and development here.
What did you do before DDC CS?
I started out in retail and then moved into a call centre. In the call centre, I began as an agent, worked my way up to a team leader and (after a while) joined the growing DDC family.
Who do you work closest with at DDC?
My core group include David Evans (Team Leader), Darren Hill (General Operations Manager), Jason Hall (Service Delivery Manager), Emma Jackson (Quality Assurance), Dale Lees (Performance Analyst).
Who would be your ultimate dinner guest?
Arnold Schwarzenegger – let me explain! Back in school, there would be some free time each week. During one of these times I picked up a book on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life; the man owned both a Harley Davidson AND a tank! You can’t get much cooler than that. He’s an interesting character – motivated, wildly successful and yet keeps both humble and charitable.
If you had a superpower then what would it be? I’d definitely choose the ability to stop time. I’ve always wanted to learn another language and maybe with all the time in the world I could actually do this!
Would you ever bungee jump or skydive?
Absolutely not! I’m the kind of person who queues up for a rollercoaster ride and thinks about all the ways the thing could fall apart.
What is on your iPod currently?
A very eclectic mix – from Mika to Metallica (depending on my mood).
Where is the farthest you have been from home?
Ireland. I don’t have a passport but you can enter Ireland with just a driving licence. I went in 2008 with my then-girlfriend; we drove across the beautiful landscape westward to near Cork. I really like the villages dotting the area – ironically, my favourite food I had whilst there was at a Chinese restaurant!

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