Academia & Customer Services – Joe Beal joins Martin Teasdale on Get Out of Wrap.

 Recently, our own Joe Beal CCO joined Martin Teasdale on an episode of Get Out of Wrap, to delve into the important connection between academia and customer services. The conversation revolved around Joe’s working life, and more recently since joining DDC, his team’s efforts to bridge the gap between these two areas through a series of thought-provoking events called DDC Discusses. 

DDC Discusses So Far…  

There have so far been two DDC Discusses events. Initially, Elizabeth Stokoe discussed the science of conversation and how this can be applied when we evaluate the effectiveness of software designed to automate conversational analysis. Most recently, Saul Albert explored the impact of Conversational AI (such as Chat GPT) on customer services, specifically how it can empower both customers and agents to enhance their interactions and streamline their work. 

During the podcast…  

A prominent theme in the podcast was the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in customer service, with Martin and Joe drawing from their extensive experience in the industry. They shared insightful anecdotes that shed light on both the advantages and potential pitfalls of incorporating AI into customer service operations. Their passion for the industry and their vision for its future were unmistakable throughout the discussion. You can watch the talk here or find it on your chosen podcast platform.  

More about DDC Discusses… 

Initially hosted at the esteemed British Library, DDC Discusses is poised for expansion to reach a broader audience. DDC aim to take these enlightening round table discussions to various locations, ensuring accessibility for as many people as possible. 

Our next event is Tuesday 4th July, at the British Library, where we have Dr Phoebe Asquith joining us to discuss the science behind burnout and workplace stress and why we need to use psychology and data to address these challenges. 

If you found the podcast intriguing and would like to engage further with the DDC Discusses series, register your interest for the next event focused on the topic of wellbeing. Simply email and stay tuned for updates on this exciting gathering. 

By attending DDC Discusses, you’ll have the opportunity to delve deeper into the evolving landscape of customer service, explore the potential of emerging technologies, and connect with industry experts who are shaping the future of customer-centric solutions. 

So why wait? Be part of the conversation, gain valuable insights, and join the community of forward-thinking professionals who are transforming the customer service industry.  


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