Designed to Bring you Closer to Your Supporter Network

DDC Community is a customisable white label app available to download via iOS or Android. It provides a powerful and direct communication service that delivers on your communication strategy and engagement promise. This game-changing app platform allows brands to launch highly functional, customised mobile applications at a fraction of the cost and time it would normally take.

Features to drive customer engagement

DDC Community has a range of features to ensure you are engaging with your current and prospective customers, opening up new revenue streams. There are many benefits to using DDC Community to continue your digital transformation journey. Together, let’s build an app that works for you:

Insights into the next leading app platform 

The app can be accessed via mobile phone, tablet and via a web application and also via a QR code.

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Enhance the customer experience.
In these modern times, when over half of the world's population is using a smartphone, offering an app for customer engagement can only enhance your customer experience.
Extensive Experience And Knowledge
There is currently still significant cost time and technical barriers to getting high-quality mobile applications to the market. DDC Community solve this problem by allowing businesses to launch their own highly functional, branded apps, that sits on the DDC Community platform.
Scale as your business grows.
DDC Community offers a scalable solution, so you can start with only what you need and pay as you grow for switching on new features. The platform is continually supported and maintained, so all customers gain access to world-class apps at a fraction of the cost of building something of their own.
Rich insights to drive product or service development.
Most platforms are built with analytics and the gold of data as an afterthought. DDC Community has been built from the data layer up, so the user insights you require are embedded in the product. So whatever your line of business you have the capability to think of growth and what next, from enhancing your current or informing the rollout of new products.

Case Study

TNS experienced our Data Capture Services

Our error rate wasn't good as I would have liked it to have been, but with DDC OS we have seen huge improvement with that.

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