In an ever-changing world of technology and customer expectations, outsourced customer service has become much more than answering the phone. New channels are opening up continually; the likes of web chat, email and SMS are now a prominent customer expectation. It is no small task to manage current methods whilst exploring new areas, without impacting on outsourced customer service levels. This is why partnering with experts like DDC OS UK is more important than ever.

Our modular approach can be split into the below categories, but to truly understand our capabilities and how they can support you, get in touch.



Support can come in many forms; however, it is always best dealt with a customer centric approach. Here at DDC OS UK we are experts in embracing our client’s tone of voice and brand ethos, ensuring we represent your brand effectively.

Services include:

  • Voice In & Out
  • Print & Fulfilment
  • Mail Processing (Physical & Digital)
  • Payment Management (inc. Direct Debits)
  • Account Review
  • Billing & Refund
  • Customer Detail Updates
  • Debt Management
  • Win Back & Retention
  • Industry Specific Tasks
  • Query Management
  • Complaint Management & Resolution


As experts in utilising data, we can offer a number of tools that help to investigate and provide accurate customer insights. In a data driven age, ensure you are getting the most from your budget, spending money at the right time in the right places.

Services include:

  • DDC OneView
  • Surveys
  • Consultancy
  • Quality Assurance
  • Social Listening
  • Voice & Text Analytics


Engagement is all about the right place at the right time. In a digital world where communication channels are diversifying, getting engagement right is key.

Services include:

  • Sales (Inbound & Outbound)
  • Email Management
  • Web Chat
  • Social Media Management
  • SMS
  • Analytics (MI & Reporting; CSat, NPS)
  • Review Moderation
  • Virtual IVR


Reduce Expenditure
Achieved through a reduction in the cost of facilities and personnel as well as access to latest technology for call handling, recording and management information.
Increased Capacity And Flexibility
Rapid access to new and existing markets as well as access to the latest technology and human resources enabling quicker ramp-ups or downs depending on the market.
Improved Customer Experience
With successful projects completed and ongoing,  DDC OS UK has proven customer models that can be implemented to ensure the highest standards. To support this endeavour, staff are supported by the latest technology that allows for clear multi-channel communication and efficient workflow. These elements lead to improved CSAT & NPS.
Continuous Improvement
Using data insights and customer service experience, we are able to continually analyse a project - recommending and implementing value-adding improvements.
Efficient And Accurate Consolidation Of Inbound Data
Using a plethora of processes, staff are always where they need to be - speeding up and improving customer interaction. By handling this side of the business, you have the opportunity to concentrate on your core business services rather than using expensive resource elsewhere.
Reducing Cost To Serve
Reducing the need for customers to contact you and resolving issues efficiently when they do.