In the past two decades, online commerce has grown significantly, creating a truly global market. A company offering products or services in a global marketplace, needs to offer the customer services to match, and of course, this means communication in a multitude of languages.

There is a wide range of tools available that can help you translate languages. Technology as always, leading the way in new software built for instant responses in a variety of languages. But actually, these literal translations are not always enough, to deliver exceptional customer services, a true understanding of both languages and indeed of the many nuances of the languages are needed.

Take, for example, an English person and an American. Both speak the same language, right? Not if you’ve ever heard Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off by Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald.

The other consideration must, of course, be one of culture, understanding which greetings are acceptable, whether or not using more casual forms of the language are viewed in a positive light, and so on.

This is crucial for good customer service. You could find someone who can speak a language fairly fluently, but if they don’t also have a sound understanding of a countries culture, they could end up misunderstanding your customer at best – offending them at worst. Empathy is such a key factor of any customer service campaign, and to deliver it effectively, you must understand the customer!

So, you can opt for technology and hope for the best results. But, when you need to deliver excellent service to your customers in different languages, it’s imperative that you are working with a team that has a true grasp of the languages – and the associated cultures.

Being multilingual (or having a multilingual customer service partner) changes the game. The fact that you can communicate in a variety of languages makes your business more accessible to a diverse group of people across the globe. The ability to speak multiple languages removes the language barrier and turns your brand truly global.

Here at DDC OS, some of our agents speak 2,3, 4 and sometimes even more languages! That means fewer agents are needed to support multiple languages, without compromising quality, moreover, without increasing your cost to serve exponentially.

We have 7000+ employees in 12 locations around the world, speaking 32 languages; and our multilingual capabilities, and indeed our cultural understanding, are key to our continued growth and that of our clients.

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