The DDC MLS Charity Fund was founded toward the end of 2016 by the MLS team, with a goal of supporting the local community.

Beginning as a one-time fundraising activity to support a co-worker, whose mother had survived a stroke and was recovering in hospital, this goodwill was soon extended when an employee heard about a small village near Busovača, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Villagers in Busovača were suffering financial troubles and couldn’t afford presents during the holiday season for their children. Working together, the team bought presents for all of the children!
Our employees realised that we’re a big community and, together, we can help many in need – both inside DDC MLS and out. The DDC MLS Charity fund was born from this mindset. The main goal of the charity is to help the sick, injured, disabled, people in financial difficulties and those affected by natural disasters.
The fund has so far successfully supported:
• Zvonko Zlović – one of our colleagues who suffered from a brain tumour and needed an urgent operation. The team pulled together to support Zvonko and raise money for the much-needed operation. We are delighted to state that Zvonko has since undergone a successful operation.
• A colleague informed us that one of his neighbours, an elderly woman from Zenica, was living in poor conditions with her grandchildren; she couldn`t pay the bills and their electricity was cut off. The MLS Charity Fund promptly acted and raised money for their electricity bill – power was restored to the home the following day.
These achievements are made possible by the generosity of the MLS Charity Fund members. These members choose to donate every month, from their wages, to build up the charity’s life-changing funds.
Corporate Social Responsibility is a key issue for all of us across the DDC Group, so we take great pride in seeing our employees take action through their own initiative.
Thank you to everyone involved and keep up the great work!

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