Members of our DDC OS team last week visited the Sheffield Children’s Hospital to take a look at the great work they are doing. As our chosen local charity of 2017 we were keen to see what our fundraising would be supporting.

The hospital is one of 4 specialist Children’s Hospitals in the UK along with Great Ormond Street Hospital, Alder Hey and Birmingham. These are classed as sister hospitals and they will transfer children between them based on their needs and the skill sets of the teams there – Sheffield Children’s Hospital took more patients than GOSH last year but raised a much less significant figure in comparison.

Their A&E department is classed as a Major Trauma Unit – to keep this status they must have the capacity to assess and administer anaesthetic for treatment within 120 seconds of the child being seen at entry point.

The hospital takes children from all over the world including the USA / Canada / South America and is leading in fields such as Genetics / DNA, Growth Therapy, Respiratory Therapy and also Tropical Diseases.

Their new MRI Suite allows children to be scanned mid-surgery so that the surgeons can establish whether they have removed all tumours or if there is any remaining. In the past, they wouldn’t have known and a further operation would have been carried out.

They are opening new wards in the hospital later this year which focus on key elements needed for quicker recovery for children – light, space, play and other elements.

A fantastic cause, and one all at DDC OS are proud to support. We have already enjoyed some successful fundraising over Valentines, with a big Easter planned, we have much to look forward to. If you would like to get involved please contact us!