2020 has been a difficult year. The COVID-19 global health crisis has created rippling shocks which will continue to be felt the world over, for some time to come. People are grappling with fear, uncertainty, and constant change

There is a strong business case for diversity and inclusion, but at a time when businesses are having to consider cutting back, why should D&I, and looking after your people be a priority? Our HR Director, Marie Sandler explains why.

Within DDC OS, Diversity is the traits and characteristics that make our people unique; Inclusion is the behaviours and social norms that make our workplace welcoming and nurturing – we foster this with our Respect Value – “We are considerate of the values and beliefs of others, recognising that our success depends upon the commitment, capabilities and diversity of our employees”

If we look at the benefits of D&I in an ever-evolving world, you will see that now, more than ever, inclusion is so much more than a nice to have….

D&I and flexibility

As entire offices closed due to social distancing, one of the first challenges was navigating the path to remote working, often for the first time. There is plenty of evidence to show that flexible work is a key enabler of gender equality and other forms of inclusion. But when flexibility is implemented at the team level and used as a business tool, it can also increase profit and performance.

Flexibility is also more than just telecommuting or remote working though! Workplaces are now considering what a post-COVID office environment will look like. Many workers have indicated they don’t want to return to office-based working when restrictions ease and organisations who have seen major projects delivered successfully by home-based teams are considering a permanent move to remote work either in part or fully. How exciting for the world of flexible working!

Research shows that for flexibility to stick, it requires organisations to move away from ad-hoc flexible work arrangements for individuals and towards involving their teams to redesign work. And it is D&I that gives us the tools for team-based flexible work design.