Technology has catapulted the concept of “Start-Ups” into mainstream business talk. Who will be the next big thing? How are they going to disrupt their industry?

From Monzo in banking to Padoq in the social sphere, it’s hard to keep up! Even well-established sectors aren’t immune, look at Gillette the self-proclaimed (rightly so) – “best a man can get”. They have seen the rise of Harry’s take a bite out of their market with an entirely new approach.

While they are a great thing for the economy, innovation and customers, they like any other organisation face limitations.

Well-established firms have often had exposure to outsourcing at some stage and have expanded to the point that outsourcing becomes an absolute necessity. Their brand/product/service seen as strong enough to mitigate risks associated with an external party being involved.

When is the right time for a Start-Up to look for support from an outsourcer? In our experience, the sooner we are brought in to discuss the company’s strategy, the more effective we can be. There is no harm in planning, meet outsourcers early on in your journey. Find one that matches your approach, that you feel comfortable with, and keep them engaged. Then when the times comes to outsource one or many of your processes, they are ready to go and have already embraced your brand and your story.

The alternative is to wait until cracks start appearing, and growth becomes unmanageable. Starting on the back foot isn’t always destined to fail, we have helped customers at many points in their journey and seen great success. However, we all want to mitigate risk where possible. So, give your start-up the best chance of success and plan ahead.