This month, the spotlight is turned onto Claire Elliott, one of our Client Relationship Managers. Time to spill, Claire…
Name: Claire Elliott
Job Title: Client Relationship Manager
Where do you work?: DDC OS Worksop
How long have you been there?: As a Client Relationship Manager I’ve been here for 3 months, but I have previously worked for DDC for around a year and a half within the Contact Centre. 
Talk us through a typical working day for you?: Every day has been different so far but exciting nonetheless. My main priority is to ensure that the charity clients within my portfolio are looked after, and that we are meeting or even better exceeding their expectations as a business partner. Building and growing relationships with the clients is an important and enjoyable part of my job and helps to grow both the clients business and our own. My to-do list varies on a day-to-day basis meaning there is no ‘typical’ day in my role. 
What do you think is great about DDC?: Definitely the people within the business – everyone is supportive and dedicated to their roles which helps provision the business core goals. 
What did you do before DDC?: I worked as an account manager within the IT sector. 
Who do you work closest with at DDC?: Gemma Shipley, as she is the Head of Charity Client Relations. 
Who would be your ultimate dinner guest?: Jason Statham (I have a slight obsession with him, hopefully I wouldn’t put him off with my cooking)
If you had a superpower what would it be?: Invisibility – think of all the fun you could have!
Would you ever do a bungee jump or a skydive?: I would consider a skydive but I would have to be pushed, I wouldn’t willingly jump.
What is on your iPod currently?: Calvin Harris, Philip George, and Tiesto.
Where is the farthest you’ve been from home?: Egypt and I love it, I’m going back again next year.

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