With 37 million meters still to be installed the ambitious 2020 deadline has, as expected, been extended. However, the new 2024 deadline still poses a substantial logistical headache for suppliers. It still requires the number of installations per month to more than double that of the current rate.  

Here at DDC OS, we are at the forefront of the energy market, and like many others will feel the effects of this change. Handling customer services, fielding questions on smart meters, to actually supporting suppliers in arranging installations, we have our finger on the smart meter pulse! 

 So, have you considered how you will move towards successfully meeting the deadline?  

Working with a 3rd party supplier such as DDC OS, enables you to share the burden of this substantial task. We have experience of using a range of appointment setting tools, ensuring we can work within your current set up. Our approach is all about adding value, utilising the information available to us to drive the best results. All of which are discussed at regular campaign strategy meetings, designed to identify improvements and costsaving exercises.  

Further, we are well versed at working with 3rd parties to maximise installs through data interrogation. All backed by live reporting to track progress, there is no time like the present to push forwards, to see how to contact us touch today.  

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