Back Billing Obligation - A Briefing.
Our latest DDC Heroes are here!
Outsourcing – It’s Here to Stay
Utilities: What`s Trending
Outsourcing: V-Z
Moving from Legacy to Smart Meters: Briefing
A New Dawn for Retail and Outsourcing?
5 Tips When Choosing an Outsourcing Partner
Are Erroneous Transfers Causing Headaches for your Customers?
Outsourcing: M-Q
DDC Heroes - Q1 2018
Outsourcing: D-G
DDC OS UK Named as Top Performer 2018
Digital Transformation in Charities
Outsourcing: H-L
Our Latest Digitisation Infographic
A Utilities Briefing: The Price Cap.
5 Reasons to Outsource your Business Processes
Supporter Care
Fundraising Trends Set to Continue in 2019
Training v Development - An Important Distinction
GDPR Technology; Privacy by Design Pt.2
Sarajevo – An ever-changing city
Michelle Davies – Driving Transformation at DDC OS UK.
Complaints Brief
Finding Opportunities within the GDPR
Charities and the importance of harnessing social media.
Digital Mailroom Infographic
Customer Care Award Winner
A Hybrid Approach - Infographic
Communications Review - A Utilities Brief
£1,517 Raised for Local Charity
DDC MLS Complete the Audi B2B Run
Multimedia Response Handling
Switching Briefing
Building Success Through Relationships
Our Latest DDC Heroes
Supplier of Last Resort Briefing
Can Energy Suppliers Afford Not to Outsource?
Our Team in Sarajevo Host Toto Energy
Spotlight – Marisa Adams
Giveback in Gambia
DDC OS Superheroes!
GDPR and Outsourcing - Busting the Myths
Harriet Ivison – Spotlight
DDC MLS named in the Top 20 Fastest Growing Companies in Bosnia
DDC OS Launch Wellbeing Programme
Neil Kirkland - A Day in the Life
The DDC MLS Charity Fund
GDPR Technology; Privacy by Design Pt.1
Easter Extravaganza Raises Money for Local Charity!
Elvira Pasagic - Spotlight
DDC in the Philippines
Jasmina Paric - Spotlight
Reflections on Outsourcing with Robin Hood Energy
Apprenticeship Week Celebrated at DDC OS UK
Emina Hodzic – Spotlight
Our Q2 DDC Heroes!
A Conversation with Utilities Expert, John Brignell
DDC Outsourcing Solutions Reveal Rebrand in Conjunction with The DDC Group
DDC OS UK Raise £2500 for Local Charity
Onshore, Offshore, Nearshore - Can All Three Work For Your Business?
DDC MLS Reward Top Employees for 2017
Our DDC Heroes - Q4 2017!
One Year as MD - John Callachan
A New Year, A New Charity - 2018
Disability Confident Leader Award - Marie Sandler
A Spotlight on Customer Engagement
Fundraising Fun this Halloween
Our Q3 DDC Heroes
Critical Illness in the Workplace
GB Energy
Recap: A Client Visit to the Philippines
Corporate Social Responsibility
Adam Hawley - Spotlight
Print Capabilities - Step by Step
Customer Service Week
Outsourcing: A-C
5 Tips When Choosing an Outsourcing Partner
Why our Business Values are important to us
The Remarkable DDC Team in Bosnia Continue to Shine.
Billing Issues in the Utilities Market?
At DDC OS we’re proud to be Disability Confident.
Take a Leap – it’s 2020
Over £2,000 raised across DDC OS UK and MLS!
Season`s Greetings from DDC OS
Start Up`s and Outsourcing
The DDC Group Launches 12-Month, Global Corporate Social Responsibility Program Entitled “DDC 30 Days of Good” To Commemorate 30 Years of Business
Finalists for the Best Multilingual Contact Centre
Heroes Returns - Q2
Mental Health Wellbeing at DDC OS
5 Star Customer Services
Smart Meter Rollout Extended 2024
Trusting an Outsourcer with your Brand.
Recognising Excellence in our Sarajevo Office
LDP Program
“You’re not solving the problem. You’re not even looking at the problem.”
Inhouse Customer Services VS Outsourcing
DDC MLS Humanitarian Fund
5 Reasons Why You Should Offer Multilingual Customer Service.
DDC heroes so far.
Mental Health First Aiders
The key to successful multilingual customer services
Customer Expectations
DDC Community – Increasing User Engagement.
A Real Superhero - A DDC Heroes Special Edition.
Marie Sandler HR Director of The Year
Further Support for DDC’s 30 Days of Good.
Can good marketing practices influence your approach to customer services?
The Evolution of the Modern-Day Outsourcing Partner
Smart Meter Installation - A Supplier View
Outsourcing: R-U
Disruption is here… but maybe it always has been.
The Future of Customer Service Expectations
Corporate Social Responsibility
A Customer Lifecycle Solution
Supporter Acquisition & Care Infographic
A Complete Charity Solution – Infographic
New Year, New Charity
Adis Omerović – Spotlight
4 Simple ways to Maintain Customer Relationships – with Ray Cooper
A Day in the Life, Darren Hill
Hana Dautovic – Spotlight
A Digital Mailroom Solution
Data Capture – Infographic
Seasons Greetings
A Day in the Life, Michael Blumenthal
A Conversation With… Colin Gray, Managing Director.
Our DDC Heroes…
Halloween Celebrations
Emir Lojo – Spotlight
Diversity and Innovation within 21st Century Workplaces - with Marie Sandler, HR Director
5 Tips When Choosing an Outsourcing Partner
Expansion Continues for DDC OS
Reducing Reliance on Paper Usage
The Children`s Hospital Charity Visit
Our Q1 DDC Heroes!
An Insight into Sarajevo
Print and Fulfilment - Infographic
Robotic Process Automation
Colour Dash!
A day in the life of Claire Elliott…
The Hero of January
The Hero of December
Spotlight: Gemma Shipley
The Hero of October
More Than Document Digitisation
Spotlight: Claire Elliott
The Hero of September
Business Process Outsourcing or Knowledge Process Outsourcing?
The Hero of March
Why go ‘Paperlight’? A Digital Mailroom Solution
DDC Outsourcing Solutions appoint new Client Relationship Director
The Hybrid Solution Infographic
The Hero of June
DDC in the Philippines
Lamija Horozic – Spotlight
The Hero of May
The Onshore/Offshore Hybrid Solution
The Hero of April
John Callachan, NOA Strategic Leader of the Year 2016
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